End As Badly As It Started

The new and final season of Showtime’s hit show Dexter had a bad start. I was highly disappointed with the direction the writers took and after the episode ended I doubt this season will be worth watching.

From the first few moments I was disappointed. The episode didn’t start off from when the last season ended. It started off 6 months later! Really? You couldn’t write a continuation of the last episode where LaGuerta was killed? You couldn’t show them framing the dead man and then running off.

This is how I would’ve started off this season. Dexter and Deb went to the party and THEN they would get a call about LaGuerta. Imagine how Deb would react to investigating a crime scene that just a few hours ago she fired the gun that killed LaGuerta. Imagine Dexter doing blood splatter reports and showing how she was killed. You would have flashbacks to the actual murder in the scene. That would be a great way to start off the season.

The way they did it made it look like they ran out of ideas. There is no reason to go so far in the future when we were left at the edge of our seat last season. The fans wanted more than a simple explanation of what happened and a quick montage.  There isn’t much interesting going on. Deb is of course taking it badly. She is on drugs and has a new job as a bounty hunter.

After an odd murder a new character is revealed to help the police catch the killer. We don’t know much about her yet, but she is an expert in serial killers. Dr. Evelyn Vogel reveals at the end of the episode that she knows of Dexter and his past. Just another thing that is too perfect to be random. I can see her playing a big part in the end, but her motives aren’t clear yet.

This season isn’t going to go well if the first episode was any indication. I give it an early 2/5. Yes, after my reaction to the first episode I really don’t have much faith in the writers and direction the show is going.

Joe Reyes


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