Eric Bledsoe On The Move

I think this was a horrible move by the Clippers organization to move Bledsoe. In return they received J.J Redick and Jared Dudley. This isn’t a good guard swap in the slightest. I heard an interview on the radio explaining why the Bledsoe trade will make the Clippers contenders. The radio host explained that the Clippers would be a better 3 point shooting team with Redick.

That is true….so what? Bledsoe wasn’t just a great player. He was an insurance policy incase Chris Paul ever gets injured or gets into early foul trouble. He’s a starter on most teams in the league. You have a starter as your backup. That’s not bad at all.

All I hear is how Dudley and Redick are great shooters…..again, so? At best both players can knock down a few shots and then just spread the floor a little. All I’m hearing is how they have to be a great 3 point shooting team. You don’t HAVE to be in order to win.

Overall I think this trade will hurt the Clippers. They lost a great player and didn’t get the necessary pieces in return for this trade to be deemed “good”.

Joe Reyes


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