Why Have A Trial?

I’ve been following the Aaron Hernandez story since it first broke. Before I say what I need to say I want to first state that I believe that he is 100% guilty and deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison.

I 100% agree with what the Patriots are doing by letting fans return his jersey for another player and I even agree with what the game manufacturers are doing by removing him from the videogames. BUT, can we at least have the trial first before we obliterate this man from existence?

He is deemed “guilty” already in the public’s eye. There isn’t a single person who thinks he didn’t do it. The Judicial system says “innocent until proven guilty”. I’m not saying I believe he didn’t do it, but can we at least not rush into things? Can we at least have the trial and the verdict by a jury of his peers before we destroy him?

I just feel really uncomfortable that all these things are happening and he hasn’t even had a proper trail. The only thing I can suspect is that the Patriots don’t want to be associated with anyone who had any involvement. I completely agree with their stand point, but the whole jersey thing is going too far without a trial. I would rather see the trial happen and then let fans return their jerseys.

I already stated what the American Judicial system preaches and it’s odd to watch everyone else completely ignore that fact before the actual facts are revealed.

Joe Reyes



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