Not Guilty

The verdict is in on George Zimmerman. He was deemed not guilty by a jury of 6 women jurors. I don’t know where I side on this trial. I don’t know enough about the whole situation. I’ve seen closing arguments by both sides, but there is a lot unanswered. I knew it was going to be a non-guilty plea. After the manslaughter was in question I knew he was going to get off clean.

It was hard to come up with a guilty verdict. There were just too many questions and suspicions. All we know is Trayvon Martin is dead and Zimmerman pulled the trigger. Zimmerman was wrong for following Trayvon, but we don’t know what happened next.

Did he attack Trayvon? Did Trayvon attack him first? There are still many questions and we won’t know the truth. I will not be giving an opinion on the matter because I don’t fully know all the details and don’t think it’s right to pass judgment or argue what the jury’s verdict.

What is going to happen next? The police already are on alert about riots and now I think something will happen. There are already angry protesters outside the courthouse and I think things will get ugly fast.

Joe Reyes



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