Valhalla Rising

This is one of those movies where you love it, but have no idea what’s going on and nothing is really explained. There is very little dialogue in this movie. It follows the tale of One Eye, a Norse warrior who just can’t seem to be killed. In this culture you are executed by combat and nobody can kill him.

In the opening scenes of the movie, One Eye is strapped to a pole and has to fight other warriors. Still nobody can kill him. One Eye even uses the rope as a weapon. Eventually, in brutal fashion, he escapes and kills everyone except his master’s son. The son, not upset about this at all, follows One Eye who just walks off in a direction.

They meet a band of Christian Crusaders who venture off in a boat. Still have no idea what’s going on at this point, but I love it. They make it to the New World and the men start slowly getting killed off. Not by One Eye, by the natives of the lands. They wear clay and are most likely Indians.

Eventually One Eye does kill a few Crusaders. Really don’t know why….but it just happens. That’s what you have to know while watching this movie. Just accept it.

Overall I was confused and enlightened by this movie. There was beautiful scenery everywhere and the music was soothing. The story was…..I want to say interesting. One Eye was in interesting character. He never spoke a word or feigned a smile, but you can tell he always had something on his mind.

I give it a 3/5 and it was a good movie to put on if you have an hour and a half to kill.

Joe Reyes


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