Ricky Spanish

Never before has Fox Network created a character like Ricky Spanish. Someone so devious, so damn evil that he only had one episode. Ricky Spanish is one persona of Roger, the alien on America Dad.

There is a reason Ricky Spanish was only in this one episode. He has wrong and deceived almost everyone he comes into contact with. Even when it looks like he’s turning a corner, he’s just planning something for later on.

He doesn’t take crap from anyone and has made A LOT of enemies over the years. This is why Ricky Spanish had to leave forever…..sad. Because of the impact Ricky Spanish has had on us. He entertained us, and it’s sad to see him go so soon.

Whenever I see a wrong deed done….I think of Ricky Spanish and I laugh. We will always remember the name of Ricky Spanish.

Joe Reyes



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