What Always Annoys Me

                I always hate when I hear that Tony Romo is a bad quarterback. He’s really not. Every year in Dallas there is something that goes wrong and Romo is the blame. Let’s take a look back at his career and I’ll pin point times where it’s not his fault.

                The field goal fumble: he shouldn’t have been out there to begin with. It was pretty much his first time holding the snap. So why was he out there holding it? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

                Last season Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan was fired. He went on to say that “I did the best with the talent around me” so he’s pretty much saying the defense sucks. He was fired because the Cowboys think they should’ve done better with the talent on defense so they blamed Ryan for not making them better. Either bad coaching or bad talent, the defense wasn’t good.

                Romo’s weapons are always injured. Jason Witten is the only target that is consistently healthy and a playmaker. Outside that there is nothing consistent on offense. Well there is….someone is always injured.

                The offensive line is decimated and players are constantly being shifted around to compensate for injuries. Dez Bryant wasn’t mentally there for a while after being in court for beating his mother. Also contract talks halted his production.

                DeMarco Murray was their star running back and he was out for a very long time. So was their backup Felix Jones. Miles Austin lost his hamstring for a long time. His 2 top wideouts were out for a long period of time. Dwayne Harris was their star in one game…..who the Hell is Dwayne Harris?

                The Cowboys have many problems. Coaching is a huge part of it. By no means is Romo the problem. He is the best offensive asset the Cowboys have and the only thing that can lead them through the playoffs.  I’m not making excuses for Romo, I’m just saying that he hasn’t gotten much help over the years and he isn’t to blame for all their problems.

Joe Reyes



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