How Did He Survive The Fall?

                The ending of Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows really disappointed me. They created and ending that was so unbelievable that even the great Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t be able to survive. After he was unable to figure out a way to beat the villain Moriarty, Holmes sacrificed himself by grabbing a hold of Moriarty falling off the edge of a giant castle and into a waterfall.

                During the epic free-fall, we see Moriarty screaming for dear life and Holmes resting with his eyes closed. Now the theory is that Holmes put himself in a relaxed state so when he eventually fell into the water his body wouldn’t be tensed so he wouldn’t be too injured.

                The problem is that does make sense, but they made the castle and waterfall extremely too high up. He would’ve been killed on impact alone. Should we forget about all the rocks and rushing currently bellow?  The movie was great, but the ending was a little stupid. If they would’ve made the waterfall not as high up then it would’ve made sense.

                Holmes even had an air supply gadget hidden in his jacket so he can breathe underwater. But we are again forgetting that nobody could survive such a fall. Check the movie out for yourself because like I said it’s an incredible movie. But that ending just takes a little something away from the whole experience.

Joe Reyes


One thought on “How Did He Survive The Fall?

  1. tejnoor says:

    I didn’t even bother watching this movie because I didn’t really love the first one. And I’ve got to say, this post of your frustration actually made me want to watch it. By the way, that first image from the movie is beautiful.


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