The Cleveland Show

                This wasn’t a terrible idea, but it was poorly executed. The Cleveland Show is nowhere near as popular as its processor Family Guy and for good reasons too. The Cleveland Show tries to take on the same format as Family Guy, but not as funny.

                They surrounded Cleveland with a cast of characters that may seem funny on paper, but not funny in reality. Tim the Bear….they gave him a bear as a friend. Really not that funny of an idea. Lester Krinklesac, a hillbilly that looks funny in appearance, but not a good solid character have around Cleveland. And lastly of this cast of misfits is Holt Ann Richter, a tiny man with a furry chest that doesn’t add much to the group. These are the characters that have replaced Quagmire, Joe, Peter and Brian.

                They give him a family that is mainly ironically funny, but the writers do a good job at creating interesting and humorous storylines. That is the only saving grace of this show, the writers. Somehow they created a show that isn’t funny looking, but they find a way to make it funny.

                Even though it’s a lower grade of Family Guy, they still created a well worth it show. I admit I only started watching it not too long ago, but I started to enjoy it. Seth MacFarlane is very smart and someone finds new ways to make us laugh.

                The Cleveland show is a 4/5. If it was presented better than it would be almost as popular as Family Guy. This is a very entertaining show and shouldn’t be undervalued because the art directors decided to go with an ironically funny vision.

Joe Reyes



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