Marvel Agents Of Shield

This show has found a way to fail in the first 2 episodes. The whole concept is flawed and not unique at all. The writers were given the keys to a Marvel universe filled with hundreds of interesting heroes that they could’ve used for this show. Instead the writers assembled a collection of young rejects to center this shows plot around.

Now I understand the show is called Agents of Shield so these characters aren’t superheroes. They are more like Black Widow and Hawkeye, agents who are skilled in different areas and find ways to solve problems. The biggest problem is “who cares”. There are tons of shows with normal people solving abnormal problems.

The last episode they fought commandos in a Spanish speaking country….or something like that. We want super hero battles! We want to see Marvel characters brought from the comics to the big screen! Now I’m not saying the Hulk has to make guest appearances, but at least touch upon Marvel situations. The first episode had a situation from Iron Man 3, which was cool, but after episode 2 there were no supers.

The show isn’t believable. Not the situations, but the characters. They are all random and inexperienced. Also too young. Most are just nerds who found their way in the show somehow. There is only one Agent character and he is busy being the tough guy with commitment and emotional issues.

Agent Coulson is back from the dead. They solved that problem with the line “I wasn’t really dead” and that solved that problem.

To make the show a hit is very easy. ADD MARVEL CHARACTERS! One episode have Iron Fist and go along with him as he fights ninjas. Oh no Dr. Strange needs out help! Here comes She-Hulk! Those are just 3 ideas. Anything better than they are flying and fighting regular people. Unless the people are Red Skull supporters and Baron Zemo is here, then nobody cares.

I love Marvel and want this show to last along time. In a perfect world it would tie in with the Avengers movies, but that would be too perfect.

I give the show a sad 2/5 and the 2 is for the hope I have that they can turn it around.

Joe Reyes



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