Only God Forgives

                I’m never a fan of movies that I have to watch them a few times to understand all the hidden meanings to it. I had to watch this movie twice and also watch a review about this movie to understand all the movies elements and have a better understanding of it.

                There is a split mixed review for this title. Either you love it or you hate it. There is no middle ground. The movie deserves a lot of credit for its cinematography and the directing, but has many lapses of judgment in a few scenes.

                The movie isn’t meant to be an action packed thrill ride, even though the trailer suggests otherwise. There is a slow-paced flow to it that will either intrigue you or force you to fast forward some scenes.

                Does this scene really need to be that long? Yes, only a 46 second clip, but that’s what I am talking about. This movie has many slow moments to it.

                Ryan Gosling plays Julian, a British mobster who runs an underground fighting arena. Julian is a very quiet character that has many emotional issues based on a (what I can guess) sexually abusive relationship with his mother. Gosling plays a very deep and disturbed character even though he doesn’t have a ton of lines.

                Julian has an older brother who gets killed by a vengeful father. Julian’s mother wants Julian to seek revenge. The man who killed his brother is a retired cop named Chang. Chang deals out his own brand of justice in both a brutal and yet forgiving manner.

                At times he will take the hands off criminals and spare others based on their crimes and if they are truly sorry for their actions. There is a much bigger meaning to this, but I don’t want to make this is a 10 page review.

                Julian at times doesn’t even seem like he wants to seek revenge. His brother killed a young hooker and Chang brought the girl’s father to the brother to see what the father does. After the father kills Julian’s brother, Chang takes the fathers hand.

                I started off in the category of hating this movie, but after seeing it a second time and seeing the review, I changed my opinion to in the middle. I give it a 3/5 because of that. It is a very interesting movie when you figure out everything for yourself.




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