Sherman’s Rant

After the biggest play of his career, Cornerback Richard Sherman made headlines not for his play, but for his post-game rant. Sherman got into an argument with 49ers Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree before the game proceeded to ridicule Crabtree after the game. Sherman used the words “sorry excuse for a Wide Receiver” and “mediocre at best” to describe Crabtree.

The next day I knew that Sherman’s rant would be the talk of the sports world. Many sports analyst on TV and radio debated the severity of Sherman’s rant. It was a mostly a 50/50 split. Some argue its part of the game. Others said it was highly disgraceful to the sport.

My opinion is simple. It was a distraction and unneeded. There was no point for Sherman to say such things. In his rant he started off by saying “I’m the best Cornerback in the game”, why say that? Sherman is regarded as the best in the league, so why say that?

Does LeBron James say in post-game interviews “I’m the best in the world”? A great player, let alone the best at his craft, doesn’t have to say how great he is. That’s a sheer inferiority complex. But wait! Sherman was a late pick. Maybe he is showing everyone who didn’t draft him how good he is….so? Tom Brady is borderline the best ever. Brady doesn’t say that after every game. Even when he lost in the Super Bowl he didn’t say something like “well we lost but I am still the greatest”.

Here’s what many analyst aren’t talking about and it really confuses me. Sherman’s rant isn’t good because it was a distraction from the Seahawks comeback. The Seahawks were practically losing the game until the end of the 4th quarter.

The Seahawks went for it on 4th and 7, they scored on that play. That’s what people should be talking about. The coaching, the comeback, the defense as a whole, Sherman’s game winning play…..not him on a microphone.

I want to hear what the coach thinks. What do Sherman’s teammates think about the rant? Are they saying “wow Richard you are the smartest man in the world for that”. No one thinks this was a good intelligent thing for Sherman to do.

I think all it did was make the team look bad and make Peyton Manning curious. I think Peyton will try his luck with Sherman. And I think Manning can get a few big passes on Sherman. I know that’s not Manning’s mentality, but I think he can take a few shots in Sherman’s direction and be just fine.

Joe Reyes






2 thoughts on “Sherman’s Rant

  1. huskerfan31900 says:

    I hated Sherman’s talk to Erin Andrews… why???? would u say this?!
    Can’t wait to see him talk about Peyton Manning.


  2. dishnerdevin says:

    Loved the piece! Definitely some controversy over a great player! I’d love for you to take a look at my words on it and tell me what you think!


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