Just (Insert Here) Enough

Well you might as well crown the NY Jets Superbowl champs now because Eric Decker is coming to the Jets! After having great success with that mediocre Peyton Manning, Eric Decker can now come to the Tri State area and play real football…..is what every dumb Jets fan is probably thinking.

35 million dollars, last I checked, is the contract that Eric Decker received from the Jets for just being on the same team as Peyton Manning. Is the word “overpaid” blunt enough? Decker isn’t a great receiver. He’s not even a very “good” receiver. He is what I entitled “just enough”. What does that mean you ask? Let me explain.

He is Just Big Enough to get over cornerbacks.

He is Just Fast Enough to get separation.

His hands are Just Good Enough to catch a pinpoint Manning pass.

Being Just (Blank) Enough aren’t the qualities of a top Wide Receiver, let alone the Number 1# Receiver on the Jets roster. They’re paying him to be the top Receiver on the team, but he is nowhere near “Top”.

I think it was a terrible move grabbing Decker and even worse paying him the amount that they did. Jets management will be in question after this season and this move will certainly hurt Geno Smith or Michael Vick, whichever Quarterback starts the season. Neither one can make Decker look like the deep threat target that Manning made him to be.

If I recall Decker was a drafted pretty high in Fantasy Football Leagues, but again…that’s because of Manning. Look for another mediocre Jets offense this season as they waste more money. Their only saving grace is the draft, but I can only imagine that they will find a way to screw that up as well.

Joe Reyes



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