About Time

Life isn’t perfect. This movie shows you that even if you have the ability to change the past, doesn’t mean you’ll have a perfect future. About Time is a movie about Tim, who has just learned that the males in his family can go back into their own past and change events that happened. Even though Tim has this ability, making a perfect life is impossible to do.

Tim’s main mission is to find true love and when he runs into a woman named Mary, Tim uses his new-found ability to try to make a perfect life for them. They fall in love very quickly because Tim has traveled back in time every time he says something dumb. Even though Tim is shy, he gets it right after a few tries.

The only conflict in the movie is the struggle Tim goes through when choosing which events to change. After a certain point, Tim can’t travel back in time without drastically changing his life. At one point he misses his chance entirely with Mary and risks losing her forever. So you must pick and choose what events you change and what ones you have to just sit by and watch happen.

This movie was beautifully written and the message behind it is superb. Afterwards I found myself thinking “what events would I change”? The problem is without the series of events I wouldn’t be where I’m at now. Take one event out and things become drastically different. Life isn’t perfect and this movie does a great job at showing how one moment can change everything. I give this movie a well-deserved 5/5 and a must watch for Romantic Comedy fans.

Joe Reyes



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