X-Men Days Of Future Past

I want to start off by saying that I loved this movie. I had many questions going into this movie and not many were answered towards the end of it, but baring that I absolutely loved this movie. Marvel has taken an interesting approach to this movie. The storyline spans decades into the past and future. Using characters and actors from the original X-Men movies and ones from the new adaptations.

The story starts off a few years from now. The world is a desolate place controlled by Sentinels, gigantic robots with an arsenal of weaponry that has 0 equal. The Sentinels can also adapt to any situation as well making them almost impossible for the mutants to defeat. Both humans and mutants are targeted by the Sentinels.

A small group of X-Men survived the onslaught of the Sentinels and have been trying to find a way to defeat the Sentinels. All attempts lead to them all being destroyed. Their only saving grace is the ability to send one X-Man back in time a few days before to warn themselves of the Sentinels are coming. The remaining few are constantly on the move.

Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) have the idea of trying to send someone’s conscious back decades into the past to stop the Sentinels from wreaking havoc. The only mutant who can survive travel back in time is Logan (Wolverine), due to his healing ability. A normal persona brain would be ripped apart, so Logan is the clear choice.

Reluctantly Logan wakes up in his former self and is tasked with finding a young Xavier and asking him for his help. Xavier back then was a broken man filled with grief and depression. In the last instalment (X-Men First Class) Xavier was paralyzed and his long time best friend Raven (Mystique) left to accompany Magneto.

The moment in the past Logan was sent to stop was the assassination of Bolivar Trask, the creator of the Sentinels, by Mystique. Trask is a scientist who believes mutants are humanities greatest threat and would stop at nothing to see their annihilation. Mystique has been acting alone since Magneto has been imprisoned for the assassination of JFK.

The movie keeps a very good balance between past and present scenes, making sure all characters get their due justice. I give this movie a 5/5. It delivered on all aspects and the storyline is very unique. I wanted to give my rating now before I state the questions I had.

  1. Where did Kitty Pryde get the powers to send Logan back? I thought her only power was the ability to phase through walls and other solid objects. But she magically has the ability to touch your temples and send someone’s conscious back in time? Many she was always able to do that and I had no idea, but just seemed weird I never heard of those powers of her.
  2. Why put Havok in the movie? He had a big part in X-Men First Class, but in Days of Future Past he was in one scene. One simple scene? It wasn’t even like “Oh no we have a problem; thank God Havok is here to save the day!” Just seemed like a total waste of time for the actor and the company to put him in it. They explained in the movie that some of the X-Men were killed early on, so why not just kill off Havok?
  3. Where did all the Sentinels come from? This is the biggest question I had because the X-Men cartoon show in the 90s explained that. In the cartoon, there was a super Sentinel named Master Mold. He was literally a giant Sentinel that was constantly building the Sentinels. His chest would open up and out would pop another one. He was pretty much a giant factory built by Trask in the show. There were seemingly hundreds of Sentinels in some scenes, so where did they come from?
  4. If the Sentinels were targeting humans, then why did the humans keep building them? We learn from the beginning that the Sentinels started off targeting mutants and then started targeting humans with the mutant recessive trait that they could pass to their offspring. So why keep building them? Was there some kind of moment when the humans were being targeted the Sentinels said “Mutant trait detected” and then they opened fire on the humans?

Even though I had questions, I still loved this movie. I thought the ending was a little flat at the final scenes, but really enjoyed it. Make sure to stay for the ending credits for a scene that lead to another X-Men movie. Again, a 5/5 and a must see for X-Men fans.

Joe Reyes




3 thoughts on “X-Men Days Of Future Past

  1. satanicpanic says:

    I was curious about where Kitty got her powers to so I looked up the old comic. In the comic it was actually a different character and Kitty was the one sent back. Making Wolverine the guy they sent back was probably just a decision based on his popularity


    • joereyes3 says:

      The title Days of Future Past was an episode from the old cartoon show, but it was Bishop that was sent back to stop Gambit from assassinating the Senator or President. So yea they had to go with Wolverine vs sending back any other character. But you said in the comic Kitty was sent back? Was it the same stroy pretty much or did she go to stop something different?


      • satanicpanic says:

        It was in the comics first- XMen #141, came out in the early 80s. Mystique and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (probably not the best name they could have come up with) killed an anti-mutant presidential candidate named Kelly, along with Professor Xavier and a couple of the Xmen’s buddies. Kitty convinces them to save Kelly. Wolverine, Rachel (new character who could send people’s consciousness back in time), Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four and Colossus try to attack the Sentinel’s HQ and get killed. But Kitty is successful so that future never happens.

        The other thing, which I’d forgotten, was that Sentinals already existed before that story line. They actually show up and attack the XMen every now and then, but in that storyline they take over North America in a plot similar to the movie I, Robot- they “protect” Americans by herding them into prison camps. The rest of the world has aimed nuclear weapons at the USA, so if Kitty fails all life on the planet is going to die.


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