NBA Finals Are Here!

Heat vs Spurs! I’ve been waiting for this rematch since I saw Ray Allen shoot the clutches shot I have ever seen. Honestly I can’t pick a favorite in this matchup. One the Spurs side you have the superior coaching. They also have a deeper roster of bench players that can be starters on most teams. The problem is I don’t know how injured Tony Parker is. He is arguably the most important player on the Spurs roster.

The Heat have their strengths as well. They have good veteran talent. Wade seems to be 100% or close to it. Bosh is playing great and is going back to his days in Toronto where he was a scoring machine. Most importantly, they have LeBron James.

James makes up for coach Erik Spoelstra’s mistakes. I don’t think Spoelstra is a very good coach. Kind of hard to not succeed with the top players at their position in their prime. NBA analysts say Spoelstra is a Hall of Fame coach. I still don’t see it.

My head says the Spurs, but my heart says Miami. LeBron James is a tough player to bet against, but its even tougher to bet against a total team effort as the Spurs are and a mastermind coach in Gregg Popovich. So I’m going with Spurs in 7, but I hesitated a lot before making that pick.

Joe Reyes





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