I remember watching this movie with a huge smile on my face. In my head I kept saying “I’m going to tear this movie a new one”. I understand True Blood is in its final season, but this wasn’t the movie to get Stephan Moyer other movie deals.

The problem with this movie is that it takes a very real approach to what crime scene investigators do. They have a long boring process that shouldn’t be portrayed in a movie. The main plot is finding out how a group of people died in a deserted area. Moyer and his team look through the video cameras left by the dead and piece together what happened. You’re mostly watching home movies for most of the movie.

The story does pick up a bit when the murders happen, but why am I watching star actor Stephan Moyer watch videos? Wouldn’t we rather see him stopping the crimes or doing something more than analyzing tape?

Yes I understand this is what they do, but this isn’t a movie worth watching. This isn’t a movie for Criminal Justice majors to watch and see what it’s like to really do this. That might’ve been the idea when this movie was in production, but missed the mark entirely.

I give it my lowest score ever. A 0/5 and a MUST AVOID label. There were problems everywhere in this movie. The acting wasn’t even redeeming, even by Moyer, which was surprising.

Joe Reyes


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