Genetically Engineered Food

This was a letter I wrote after participating in a movement to stop food from being genetically altered. It’s actually a bigger problem than you would imagine. Food processors are putting things in our food that we don’t know about. The pictures I didn’t put in the letter obviously. Just having a little bit of fun.

Dear (Not putting their name)

I must admit that I didn’t fully know what was being put into our food until I researched it for myself. Many Americans have no idea what is being put into our food and read the Nutritional Ingredient section with little to no knowledge of what all of that even means. Most people today get health tips from daytime television or know someone who can actually translate what these words mean.

Everyone knows cigarettes are bad for us, but people stupidly do it anyway. Fast food is processed food with all types of chemicals included that mostly harm the body instead of giving us the nutrients in order for a healthy meal.

So in turn we go to our local food stores and take solace in the idea that what we buy on the shelves isn’t going to harm us. Little do we know that the tiny print and unpronounceable words on the boxes hold a darker secret to them.

The idea that most of these ingredients aren’t even tested is a scary thought to conceive and we don’t know the long term effects until it is sadly too late. Top foods like corn, soy, potatoes, rice, and even some dairy products have these genetically engineered ingredients and we don’t even know about. Some products aren’t even properly labeled so that people who do research what they eat are literally eating blind.

Americans are sadly blind to this realization, but you can help unveil the truth and even save a few lives in the long term. If you can help support A1359/S91, this would help label genetically engineered foods sold in New Jersey so the public could fully know what they are consuming.

I do hope my words do not fall upon deaf ears and that you can help support the cause that Food & Water Watch has started.


Joe Reyes



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2 thoughts on “Genetically Engineered Food

  1. cloeyk says:

    I hear you on this one. We need to wakeup before it’s too late and pull our heads out of the proverbial sand. The food industry is a multi billion dollar industry and we have been programmed to believe everything they say so…. WAKE UP!

    Ummm so what’s up with the book in your pic? Is it a representation of your anger over the betrayal? Are you screaming for justice to be had? I’m sure forgiveness is out of the question.

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    • joereyes3 says:

      Well I couldn’t find a bible so used another good book, The Count Of Monte Cristo. But you’re absolutely right. We just hear something and believe its good for you. I just tried Gluten Free foods. They are good but a TON of sugar in them. Don’t think the trade off is worth it.


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