Who would’ve imagined that angels would be humanity’s greatest threat? Based off the movie Legion (2010), Dominion takes place 25 years after the events of that movie. The opening sequence of Dominion explains all the backstory. God has vanished. In retaliation Gabriel and his angels blamed humanity for Gods disappearance and came to Earth to wage war against man. There were some higher angels that refused to go along with Gabriel’s war, but the lower angels joined immediately.

Michael refused to blame the humans and took up his sword against Gabriel. Eventually, Michael gathered enough survivors on Earth to help combat Gabriel and his forces. There was a prophesied child that Michael believed that would be the turning point in the war that he had to save (this was the story of Legion). After a long war, Gabriel’s army retreated, but many angels still remained on Earth and the battle continues.

The problem is after all those backstory sequences; the show surprisingly takes a huge turn for the worst. Most situations and subplots are so unbelievable that they completely crucify this show. The dialogue is so cheesy that it’s a turn off to listen to at times. Motives and story structure is at such a fault that I can’t imagine how the season will progress (if it even lasts a full season).

Alex Lannen, the prophesied child that Michael saves in Legion, is a soldier living in Vegas. The whole city is a militarized outpost. There are clearly angels outside the city walls, yet Lannen still goes out by himself to do the cliché “lone gunman” thing. After a firefight with angels, Lannen is asked why he went out alone. His response “There was a Texas holdem game I had to attend”.

There is a Roman aspect to this show. The marrying off of children to strengthen political families is so unneeded that it takes away from the overwhelming plot point of THERE ARE ANGELS TRYING TO KILL US! Also some of the outfits of the women is just so obscure that it makes it look like this show takes place in a different era.

Most of this pilot episode was a collection of unneeded scenes and occurrences. The whole war storyline seems to be only a subplot of the entire storyline. Obviously the war is the biggest part, but it didn’t seem like that from the initial pilot episode.

I give this show a shocking 1/5. The ceiling was incredibly high, but failed to deliver. Unless this show makes drastic changes, I don’t see it lasting very long. I’m pretty sure most of the season is already filmed because after the show it had scenes from the upcoming season, so I don’t think an overhaul is what is going to happen. Domination is on SYFY on Thursdays at 9pm.

Joe Reyes



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