Batman: The Brave And The Bold

This show started off great and then ended abruptly. Also the writers took a shot at the company for cutting the show with the final episode. But before that I’ll dive into what this show was and the significance of it.

The Brave And The Bold pairs Batman with a different D.C hero every episode, from the classics like Superman to the more obscure like Space Ghost. The show is very comical, but actioned packed. The idea of adding a secondary hero puts Batman into different situations fighting different enemies.

The only problem I had with the show was how it ended. There is a character Bat-Mite, who has immense psychic powers and observes Batman as if he is watching a TV show, which he pretty much is and talks to the audience at times.

Bat-Mite wanted a darker Batman show filled with more serious situations, so he used his powers to find ways to get the show canceled. He created situations that would make viewers stop watching, thus ending the show. While watching the episode I lost interest and wanted to change it and they even showed fans at home watching the show changing the channels.

In the end Bat-Mite won. The show was canceled and a new Batman show was created. The problem was that Bat-Mite started to fade away. The purpose being that Bat-Mite was deemed a “silly” character and wouldn’t be used in the new darker Batman. Before fading away, Bat-Mite realized the error in his ways and the significance of a more “silly” Batman show.

In the final scene, Batman and the rest of the characters are having a going away party in the Bat Cave. Batman looks to the camera and gives a tearful goodbye to his fans and thanks them for watching his show. I was moved by this and also saw the purpose of a “silly” Batman show.

The company made a very big mistake getting rid of this show. It was entertaining , it made you laugh and more importantly it showcased heroes you wouldn’t normally see. D.C comics have created a lot of different characters. Some interesting and some left on the back shelves. This show shed light on a few forgotten heroes.

I give it a 5/5. Not only for its comedic yet action packed episodes, but for the purpose of the show itself. Check it out on Netflix.

Joe Reyes





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