I tried to give this game the old college try….twice. I just really wasn’t a fan of this game, but tried it out because I heard such great things about it. I found that Borderlands tried to be too silly at times and many missions were just too boring for me.

I am a fan of the RPG style leveling up of abilities based on what weapon you use. I like that my character levels up by the style of play that I like to use. The game doesn’t force you to play a certain way and gives you a multitude of weapons at your disposal. There are a lot of open spaces in each level and with enemies respawning you’ll always have something to kill.

This game had a lot going for it. I was even a fan of the cartoon style graphics. But again I felt this game was at fault by some lazy missions of going to a place, pressing X, and going to another place and pressing X. I give the game a 2/5. It had some fun moments, but most of the time I was waiting for what people were clamoring about.

Joe Reyes



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