How To Beat Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is undefeated (46-0) and has picked apart every challenger that has stepped into the ring against him. I believe that I have the formula that can defeat Mayweather. I’ve watched every Mayweather since 2007 (when he defeated Oscar De La Hoya) and have seen that every fighter tries to out box Mayweather.

Mayweather is a defensive mastermind and fights primarily waiting for his opponent to attack and then counter with a barrage of quick punches. Opponent after opponent has tried the same strategy and failed miserably.

The Saúl Álvarez fight was a utter bore fest. There was maybe a slight flash of entertainment when Alvarez would throw some hard punches and Mayweather would try to escape, but the fight was mostly Mayweather waiting and then countering. Seems Alvarez and his corner had a strategy, but wouldn’t you change it up by round 7 if it wasn’t working?

I’m going to use 2 quotes to that will help me explain my formula to beat Mayweather. The first quote is taken from the movie Miracle (2004). In one scene Kurt Russell is explains his strategy to beat the Russian team in the Olympics.

“You must attack them,” Russell explained. That’s the only way someone can beat Mayweather. You can’t play the defense game against him and try to out box Mayweather. You must come forward constantly and keep throwing punches. You have to make Mayweather uncomfortable and constantly put the pressure on him.

The second quote is from the movie Cinderella Man (2005). Paul Giamatti explains to Russell Crowe how to win the fight. “Don’t fight this fight his way make him fight your way,” Giamatti says. You have to dictate how the fight is fought. You can’t wait back for Mayweather to make a move. You have to control the pace and way this fight is fought.

So let me know what you think. Is this how to beat Mayweather? Or does someone have a different way?

Joe Reyes

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