Shut Up And Take My Money

Chis Bosh had a perfect opportunity to compete for another championship on the Houston Rockets, but instead took a grossly overpaid contract with the Heat. Bosh was reported to get around 88 million with the Rockets, but will now get a 118 million dollar contract to stay in Miami.

I always thought Bosh was a great player, most likely a Hall of Famer when it’s all said and done, but was surprised he took the Miami contract. Bosh has taken less money to play with LeBron and Wade when they first went to Miami. Bosh has also reduced his role on the team by taking less shots and deferring to Wade and LeBron.

It’s odd that Bosh chose to stay on a Miami team clearly not equipped to win a championship, rather than going to a stacked Rockets team that could be a favorite in the West. I understand that Miami offered him A LOT of money, but when he said he wants to win more rings, he clearly didn’t pick the right destination to do it in.

Joe Reyes



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