Andrew Wiggins 1 Cleveland Cavaliers

I don’t understand why there was any doubt that Wiggins would go number 1 overall. He would’ve gone number 1 overall last draft as well. Wiggins is that player that you can’t pass up on. His ceiling is so high. I think he can be a superstar in this league.

I don’t know why there was any debate about picking Wiggins. There are some players that don’t come around often and when they’re gone you will regret not taking them. Wiggins athleticism is unmeasurable and he can only get better as his career progresses.

My only problem with Wiggins is his weight. He is only listed as 190. For a guy who is 6’8, and plays with a lot of driving moves, he should be heavier to be able to battle down low. LeBron looked skinny when he first started and so did Patrick Ewing, but that changed pretty quickly.

I think Cleveland made the right choice. Not only just taking Wiggins, there was a lot of debate to trade the pick to get Kevin Love. This was a plan in order to get LeBron to come back. I don’t see that happening. So trading the Wiggins pick to get Love would’ve been useless.

I see Wiggins becoming a quick star in this league. Close to an All Star, but defiantly Rookie of the Year. Yes, I am projecting Wiggins to go very far in this league and have an amazing first year. The problem is….he’s on Cleveland. Not a lot of star talent there. Maybe Wiggins will attract other free agents in his second season and with a low record they should be in the hunt for some top picks.

Joe Reyes

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