Joel Embiid 3 Philadelphia 76ers

I wouldn’t draft Embiid even if I desperately needed a center. I don’t care about all his shot blocking ability, or his great foot work, or his post moves. When I hear the words “back injury” and “injury prone” and now “foot injury”, that makes me a little scared to want to take a chance on him.

Maybe Embiid will be the super star that he is projected to be, but I wouldn’t take a risk on a guy with injuries already. Greg Oden was a first overall pick and projected to be a super star, what bench will he reside on next season?

When you have a pick that high, you don’t want to take a risk on his health. You can easily teach a player a new skill set, but sometimes you can’t fix someone after major injuries. Look at Derrick Rose and Amare Stoudemire, both had major injuries and haven’t played since. Stoudemire has at least played a little bit, but is breaking down. Rose hasn’t played in 2 seasons!

I think Embiid will sadly get hurt again and next time be a major one. The 76ers took a chance last draft with Nerlens Noel hoping he will be healthy this season. Could be a good combo of centers, but we will know more when Embiid is “healthy”.

Joe Reyes

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