Dante Exum 5 Utah Jazz

The problem is I think he was drafted too high for a player that many people never even saw before. I don’t think Utah was the only team to send some scouts out there to find Exum. I read all about him and saw some clips of him, Exum looks really good, but honestly there aren’t a whole lot of impactful international players out there.

Tony Parker was a late first round pick and Manu Ginóbili was a second round pick. It is a little hard to take a 4th overall pick on Exum when it is unclear who he is really playing against. Honestly, I think American basketball has the best players in the world. Tim Duncan was born somewhere else, but played here. Hakeem Olajuwon came from another country, but played here in America.

Exum could be a good player in this league, but it would be a better gauge of his skill set to see him go against American trained players more often. He fits the needs of the Jazz and has a lot of size for a point guard. He could exploit some miss matches if given the right plays.

Joe Reyes

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