Marcus Smart 6 Boston Celtics

I would’ve drafted him number 2 overall. I think Smart is better than Jabari Parker and will impact the Celtics more than Parker will on the Bucks. Granted I would’ve liked the Celtics to have drafted Julius Randle instead of Smart. I would’ve thought that a big man is what the Celtics needed over a guard right now. Maybe the Celtics don’t know if Rajon Rondo will be on the squad next season, so Smart would be a smart pick up (no pun intended).

I would like to see his Assists go up. I think if Rondo was to leave then they need a pass first guard like him to fill the void. Smart was a high octane scorer on Oklahoma State. He is a great shooter and can drive to the lane a lot quicker than he is given credit for. Although there was that one incident where he pushed a fan, but that wouldn’t stop me from drafting him.

I can see Smart turning into a star quickly in this league. The problem will be surrounding him with the pieces he needs to run the team if needed. Danny Ainge will have to make trades according, but even with Rondo gone, the Celtics still have their point guard for the future.

Joe Reyes

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