Julius Randle 7 Los Angeles Lakers


I LOVE Julius Randle. I think he is the best big man in the draft by far and an absolute steal of a pick by the Lakers. I remember looking at early draft boards and wondering why wasn’t Randle higher up? Guy just led his team into the National Championship, how did he slip so far?

He has NBA size and footwork. Give him a competent past first guard and his numbers will soar. If Steve Nash could stay healthy, look for Randle to be an early Rookie of the Year candidate. I think he will lead all Rookies in rebounds. Not in points. Playing with Kobe might diminish some early numbers for Randle.

Randle was a much better pick than Joel Embiid. Randle will most likely be a Power Forward for the bulk of his career. I think in the West you need a good combo of size on your front line. If Pau Gasol leaves then the Lakers will be put in a tight spot. Either way, Randle will be a star in this league.

Joe Reyes

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