Legs Don’t Bend That Way!


As I write this I am still shaking from what I just saw. I just witnessed Paul George’s leg snap like a twig live on TV. The USA Men’s Qualifying team was playing a simple scrimmage and in one second the whole atmosphere changed. George went to block a simple layup, landed awkwardly and that was it. The bone popped right through the skin and my jaw hit the ground.

The game was called a few minutes after. The players all looked stunned and disgusted at the injury, as was I. It is sad to see George done for the Olympic tournament, but more importantly without a doubt out for the season.

I can see some kind of ramifications from this. I can see teams not wanting their star players enter this event, because an injury like this could happen at any moment. The Indian Pacers might not even make the Playoffs this season. After this injury, I can see some conflict of interests happening with teams letting their players attend this tournament.

Blake Griffin and Kevin Love didn’t take part in this event and looks to be for a good reason. So who knows what other star players might not attend after seeing what happened to George. Yes, you can get injured at any time, but can make the argument that more playing time puts you at more risk to injuries than not playing at all.

Joe Reyes



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