Where’s His Justice?

Oh have you not heard? Dillon Taylor (white unarmed man) was shot and killed by a police officer (who was black). The details are unclear due to the police chief, who has taken all video tapes and hid them from the public.

What is clear was that Taylor was shot and kill, while unarmed, by a black officer. The Salt Lake Tribune noted, “The officer involved was not white.” Dillon was said to been recognized by an officer for having a bench warrant out for his arrest.

So why is this story not getting as much coverage as the Michael Brown (black) story? Because, quite simply, Michael Brown is black and was shot by a white officer. One could make the case that Brown’s death was more warranted than Taylors. Brown assaulted an officer, reached for the officer’s pistol and was ultimately shot after.

The details are unclear about Browns death because all the evidence is hearsay. I heard a woman on CNN tell the media that Brown was running and shot in the back, but all shots were to the front. Is it possible that Brown never had his hands up? Is it possible that this was something one person said and the news spread like wildfire?

Another man, Kajieme Powell (black) was shot in St. Louis. From the video you hear the men saying Powell was “unarmed and they just shot him”, when clearly in photos Powell is seen holding a knife while approaching officers.

This is a sheer neglect by the media. Taylor (white) was shot and killed while unarmed. Why aren’t Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton walking hand and hand with the citizens of Salt Lake City? Aren’t they grieving as well? Does Michael Browns death (a black man who just assaulted an officer and grabbed for his pistol) deserve more spotlight than the death of Dillon Taylor?

The news should be unbiased in their approach. Each story deserves its own airtime. Are they rioting in St. Louis? Are they burning their city to the ground? Are citizens chanting “They’re out to kill the white man?” Is it possible, that these 3 men were all killed by their own doing and not racially charged views constructed by people as gossip?

Taylor’s story will sadly get a tiny bit of coverage and that’s it. In Ferguson, the people are creating the story. The citizens there are calling for Officer Darren Wilson’s head. This is a disgusting display of Black vs White and that’s it.

Joe Reyes


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