Anything But Amazing

The Amazing Spiderman 2 was nothing more than a plot fiasco. This movie was just coincidence after coincidence. I saw this from the last movie and wasn’t surprised that the trend continued into the highly anticipated sequel. The concept of rebooting the series sounded like a great idea, but I have a good feeling that this series will become nothing more than an over hyped disappointment and would make us miss the Tobey Maguire series even more.

For starters this series tries to do entirely too much in a short amount of time. One of the major problems with Spiderman 3, was that the movie tried to do too much. From the storyline of how Sandman killed Peter’s parents, to the creation on Venom, to the symbiote suit affecting Peter’s decisions. Too much to add into one movie.

The reboot sequel adds almost the same amount of plot lines going on, but just like Spiderman 3, this movie does too much. I almost feel the story was too rushed. More importantly, key details were left out. The original comics have Peter as a photojournalist for the Daily Bugle. In the Amazing Spiderman 2, Peter sells photos to the newspaper, but we are giving no more information than a tiny footnote on the bottom page that reads “Photo taken by Peter Parker”.

Peter starts to understand the dangers of his hidden identity to those around him. He fears that his crime fighting days might get his girlfriend Gwen Stacy killed in the crossfire. In the first movie, Peter makes a promise to Gwen’s dying father to stay away from Gwen, because he also fears Peter’s secret life will get her killed.

So at the end of the first movie he breaks up with Gwen, only to get back together with her in the final scenes, then breaking up with her in the beginning of the sequel, then to only confess his love for her and want to be with her. Yes…..confusing. All Peter had to do was let Gwen go. Yes, he loved her, but if his fears are justified then maybe it’s best to do the right thing and let Gwen go forever. That’s a lot better than “Oh Gwen I love you”, then “I’m sorry I can’t be with you”, then “Oh Gwen please don’t go” and then finally “What the hell are you doing here Gwen?”.

I like the direction the movie took with Oscorp. The story alludes to the start of the Sinister 6, a team up of Spiderman’s most dangerous villains. In a scene we get a sneak peek into the inner working of Oscorp and see a Dr. Octopus suit and a flight suit used by the Vulture. I was surprised that the movie used the Green Goblin storyline this early.

Harry Osborn, son of Oscorp founder Norman Osborn, is Peter’s best friend….apparently. I don’t like how Harry wasn’t in the first movie, but seemed to have this strong connection to Peter in the second. A smart idea would’ve been to put flashback sequences into the movie, a few scenes showing Harry and Peter as kids. The Osborn’s have a hereditary illness that slowly each of the members. Harry needs Spiderman’s blood because he thinks it’ll save his life. So Peter does what any good friend would do. He shows up to Harry’s room and tells him to his face that he won’t be giving any of his blood and leaves out the window.

Spiderman is just annoying to listen to in this movie. There are too many one liners the script is trying put in at one time. I understand that he has a joking personality, but this was too over the top. In one of the first scenes a truck is barreling through the streets of New York. Inside are armed robbers that are shooting at police. Spiderman pokes his head though the window and just says joke after joke as the truck obliterates every vehicle in front of it. Pretty sure a lot of people died in the first few scenes.

I thought Aunt May knew that Peter was Spiderman. I remember in the first movie that she was watching Spiderman on television and then when Peter returned home with eggs that she put two and two together. Yes, eggs aren’t a tell tailed sign of Peter being Spiderman, but she seemed to suspect something when he got home.

I had no problem at all with Electro. I thought they did a great job at creating his character and turning him into a super villain. I do think they made him too powerful when he was killing guards with machine guns and not powerful at all when he was fighting Spiderman. I do like to see the villains be consistent in their abilities. At one point Electro engulfed all the electricity in New York City, but that isn’t enough to kill Spiderman.

The movie should’ve ended a half hour before it did. Spiderman defeated Electro, the day was saved, the Harry/Green Goblin storyline was perfectly set up for the next movie, but they got too anxious and added a final act that felt too rushed.

The last movie spent the whole time defying science, but in one of the last scenes accepted it. I don’t want to give it away, but someone dies and I was shocked that the movie didn’t create a loophole or a miracle to keep that person alive. You gotta watch it for yourself because I don’t want to spoil it for you.

In the end, I give it a 1/5. There was just too much going on and created a jumbled mess of a plotline. I don’t like the shadowy organization that is led by a faceless man, but I do like the direction Oscorp plays. The Sinister 6 storyline looks to be the most plausible. The subtle introductions of Alistair Smythe and Felicia Hardy may tie into the following storyline of the franchise. Hardy eventually becomes Black Cat and Smythe becomes a future enemy of Spiderman.

I don’t like how the story perfectly placed Peter in a family who is involved with Oscorp. It’s nice to see some backstory on Peter’s parents, but you can’t have the father be involved in the spider gene splicing that turns Peter into Spiderman years later. I can go on and dissect the whole story and all its perfectly placed coincidences, but I would be just ranting….save that one for when I make a video about this movie.

P.S Oh I forgot! Rhino was in the movie for a brief moment. They should’ve just saved him for the next movie rather than making it just a disappointing ending scene.

Joe Reyes






2 thoughts on “Anything But Amazing

  1. astrohelix says:

    Yeah, this movie was a fiasco… Well reviewed, Joe 🙂


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