When I prove someone wrong, I do it to where there is no point of a rebuttal. And when I’m done ripping apart your points, if you say a response, it’s only going to sound dumb. When I heard what St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch said during his reading of the Darren Wilson, it sounded exactly how I would’ve said it.

McCulloch obliterated every testimonial giving by “witnesses” to the Michael Brown shooting to the point where you don’t know what really happened. I said the exact same thing when I heard “witness” after “witness” to the shooting.

A key witness said that Brown was shot in the back….but all the bullets in his body where from the front of Brown. This eventually turned into an utter fiasco, where anyone who had a mouth said they saw something. Too many idiots diluted the testimonies by flat out lying.

Now to the riots that took place last night. Michael Brown’s Stepfather tells the crowd, “Burn This Bitch Down”. Clearly not the words of an intelligent human being. You can make the slightest argument about emotion and what would do in the same situation. I sure as Hell wouldn’t tell a crowd to burn the city down. I would never tell a crowd to set fire to cop car, shoot guns in the air, rob stores and more importantly not do thing to embarrass my RACE!

This is EXACTLY what is wrong with Black America. And last night was a perfect example what not to do. They lost the verdict, in a landslide it seemed. Scientific evidence provided by multiple examiners recreated this shooting with etude details.

There is no argument to support Michael Brown. In the day and age where EVERYTHING is caught on a cell phone camera, are you telling me that NOBODY caught this on camera. The shooting I mean, there are tons of videos of after the shooting.

And you can’t make the argument that people were too scared to take video. That they were huddled inside as the White Man killed one of Ferguson’s favorite sons. I remember there is video of the Boston Marathon Bombers in a shootout with police, where bombs were thrown and there is still video of that.

So you have 0 video evidence, testimonials like Swiss Cheese (full of holes is you didn’t get that), and the physical evidence is so telling that we know what happened, how did Black America think that Darren Wilson would go to jail, or even waste time with a court appearance?

75% of crimes are committed by Black individuals. So can that be why the police arrest mostly Black individuals. Just wanted to put that out there if people still make the argument that the police are targeting Black individuals.

Michael Brown is a criminal by definition. Brown robbed a store prior to getting shot. Brown assaulted an officer of the law. They have photos out of Wilson’s face after Brown punched him. It doesn’t matter if Wilson’s skull was shattered or a bruise on his face. Brown assaulted an officer. End of story.

Wilson did the right thing. Wilson shot Brown who kept coming at him after Brown first robbed a store and assaulted Wilson. The argument I keep hearing is why did Wilson have to shoot Brown? Couldn’t he have used other force to subdue Brown? The answer is yes. Wilson could’ve used his pepper spray, which may or may not have worked on Brown. Wilson could have used his police baton or try to fist fight Brown, both tactics still have glaring variables. So a gun is the only 100% person stopping idea that Wilson had accessible to him.

This morning, Jessie Jackson and Brown’s father (who dressed his best for the press conference. Brown’s father pulled out all the stops for this interview, wearing his favorite had with the sticker on it) addressed the media. They mostly deflected blame on Brown and threw it all on Wilson.

That’s what strikes me as odd. Michael Brown is a criminal. He robbed a store and assaulted an officer. Yet the story is about the officer that served justice. Wilson didn’t put down Michael Brown: Road scholar, Community Leader and all around great guy. Wilson shot Michael Brown: Thief, Criminal, and Scumbag.

The Brown family started their statement off perfectly. They said “We are highly disappointed….” And the rest is just nonsense. This is how a “logical” person would finish the sentence.

We are highly disappointed that our son is a criminal.

We are highly disappointed that we weren’t better role models for our son.

We are highly disappointed in the public our cry

We are highly disappointed that people use our son’s death as a reason to riot and loot

We are highly disappointed that Michael Brown’s stepfather called for violence

We are highly disappointed in our community that we turned on each other

We are highly disappointed that Reverend Al Sharpton made this story about race instead of Justice

The list can go on and on. I wish that Michael Brown was just an average kid that was shot by a raciest police officer, but he wasn’t. Michael Brown was a piece of crap that acted like a piece of crap and got shot…..like a piece of crap.

Justice has been served. Now just like Robert McCulloch’s reading of the verdict, I URGE a Michael Brown supporter to say something to disagree with my argument. Every idiot who is rioting and walking the streets with their hands up, I hope you read and “try” to disagree with me.

Joe Reyes


13 thoughts on “Justice

  1. meccasimone says:

    So valid. A point in which ignorance prevents our people to see. If our communities were more educated on the law and certain systems, I am certain there would be some understanding.


  2. Deeva says:

    Well Joe if people wanted a racists perspective we’d call Darren Wilson. You obviously don’t have a very educated grasp on American history or politics. Please go find several books and read them. You are probably one of those sad individuals who votes Republican against yourself.


    • joereyes3 says:

      Do tell, why is Darren Wilson raciest. Because he shot and killed a man who just committed a crime and was trying to kill him? This wasn’t profiling. This was an officer being called to a crime scene. I know I wont get a good answer but what would you have done in the same situation?


      • amanda7454 says:

        You keep calling Brown a scumbag. Have you never made poor choices as a teenager? Did his poor choices give Wilson the right to act as judge, jury and executioner? Also, I’m curious about your “fact” about 75% of crimes being done back blacks. Try rereading your article and I hope you can see why the previous commenter made the assertion that it is racist. This case has history behind it that culminated in an officer involved shooting. There is a reason it gained national attention. And additionally, it is completely unfair for you to say how you would respond if someone you loved was gunned down. I know you say you won’t respond, but that is something said only by those who don’t feel strong enough in their convictions to defend them.


      • joereyes3 says:

        What would you have done in that situation? If you were Wilson?
        So in good moral conscious, you would call for the burning down of your own town? And lets first clarify the words “poor choices”. Robbing and assaulting an officer seem to be alittle bit more than “poor choices”. I mean take this phrase right here. “Michael Brown assaulted an officer after robbing a store”. And yes, Wilson does become Judge, Jury and Executioner when a man who previously reached for Wilson’s gun trues to again attack him. Have you heard about David Smith , a police officer in NYC. He is white who was assaulted by a black “criminal” and the man took Smith’s gun and shot him to death. So the Michael Brown story only gained national attention because Brown is Black and Wilson is a white officer. Its funny yet sad how people cannot say the words “Michael Brown was guilty”. His parents are saying how much of a disappointment this all is, without acknowledging that their son was the DIRECT cause of the problem. Brown wasn’t strolling down the road being innocent and nice. He robbed a store and then proceeded to assault an officer. This story would be better if Brown was a good person, clearly not. You don’t just wake up one day and say “I want to commit a crime”. Maybe we should stop blaming the officer for doing his job and start blaming the moronic piece of shit.
        Oh and as requested here are some websites that prove me wrong actually about the statistics. Its actually alot more than what I put so thank you I have to adjust the percentage higher, I wouldnt want to sound false.
        Here is a glaring quote I found as well “The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is Black and Hispanic. Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving Blacks and Whites, Blacks commit 85 percent and Whites commit 15 percent.”


      • amanda7454 says:

        First of all, i wouldnt trust a “fact site” labeled stuff black people dont like. Second, your stats are wrong.


      • amanda7454 says:

        Your version of events also seems to take officer wilson’s story as the end all- be all truth. His “wounds” if anything show that he certainly was not in a fight for his life. The testimony of Johnson paints a more realistic picture. Also, wilson was 6’4. The terrified cop thing is simply ridiculous. And yes, i stand by the wording “poor choice.” The convenience store didnt even call the police about the robbery. They werent fearful of a big black guy terrorizing a neighborhood. Even with that, the police chief admitted Wilson had no knowledge of the robbery when he killed Brown. Poor choice to rob some cheap cigarillos. Thats not a death sentence. In case you forgot, we live in america where there is due process and the punishmenf does not exceed the crime. Also keep in mind that wilson was fired for being part of a corrupt and racist police force. He’s not exactly a saint, either.

        I wish michael brown had faced charges for petty theft. I wish darren wilson would stand trial for his. At best, he’s a poorly trained cop who should never have been on the force. At worst, he’s a murderer who has no remorse for killing a teenager. Your views on black people clearly make it difficult to see this case fairly and I am sorry you were raised that way.


      • joereyes3 says:

        I actually had a conversation about being raised with my dad. He said to me “Joe, i dont think i ever gave you a lecture about not putting your hands on a cop. you just know thats common sense”. You dont have to be taught certain things to not do them.
        And you are absolutely right about stealing not being a death sentence. I will not argue that for a second and didnt put it being a death sentence in my article. BUT assaulting an officer and grabbing for his gun and then charging at him, yeah thats a death sentence.
        Michael Brown didnt just commit a crime, he decided his faith all in a short amount of time.
        Now what would you do in Wilsons shoes. Big attacked you, reached for your gun and then proceeded to attack you again. What do you do? Get your head out of your ass and put him down? Of pussyfoot around and get killed?
        Also, height and weight dont determine strength and fighting ability. So Wilson and Brown being close in height and some pounds off in weight arent an argument for an even fight.


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