The biggest problem with this movie is that it tries too hard to be something else that what it is. The movie changes so drastically in a short amount of time. There are far too many sub plots and hidden agendas for a movie that is predicated as an Action movie.

Sabotage is about a semi-corrupt DEA unit lead by Arnold Swartzenager. The movie stats off with Swartzenager’s unit taking down a major drug cartel. In the cartel’s home, they discover a huge stack of millions of dollars. The unit takes a share of the money for themselves every mission it seems. The problem is the cartel is part of a bigger group and wants revenge on Swartzenager’s unit. Members of the group start getting picked off one by one.

Seems like a good plot so far, right? Then the problems start coming up. We are shown far too much backstory with these characters. There is a “hidden mystery” going on with a member betraying their fellow comrades. There is an FBI investigation going on into the murders and the movie becomes a “whodunit” type of movie that is so out of place.

Swartzenager has his own storyline of revenge that comes out throughout the movie. Personal events that happened to his family months ago now becomes the main storyline at times and that’s all we talk about.

I didn’t go into this movie thinking it was going to be a 5/5. I pictured it to be a relatively average movie that would be entertaining at times. But there were too many other things going on that it was a very below average movie that was boring at times.

I give it a 2/5. There were a few good gun battles and the cast was great. The movie missed the mark and was too complicated towards the midway point. I think it was odd to see Swartzenager back in movies that try too hard to not be action flicks.

With the cast that was assembled and storyline in the beginning, this movie could’ve been Expendables-esk. Probably even better than the Expendables because the cast of characters we much better actors. Sam Worthington is a way better actor than Jason Statham. Joe Manganiello (True Blood), Josh Holloway (Lost) and Mireille Enos (The Killing) were on some of the top rated shows of their years.

Quite simply, they dropped the ball with this movie.

Joe Reyes




This movie was a complete and utter disaster. From the plotline all the way down to the ending, Snowpiercer is a fiasco on all fronts. The movie takes place primarily on a moving train. The world is frozen over and humanity’s last hope is a self-sustaining invincible train that houses around a thousand people. The front of the train houses the rich while the tail end houses the poor.

The train travels across the world. Literally bridges are built across the water connecting to the other continents. What I don’t understand is if you built this impervious train that can withstand the frozen wasteland…..why just build a building that does the same thing? But that’s the least of this movie’s many faults.

The movie starts off in a prison break style. Curtis, the leader of this rebellion, gathers the tail end passengers to take the front of the train. This was actually interesting. Curtis had to plan out how to get through the heavily armored guards and giant metal doors.

Eventually this movie turns into a videogame-esk, in the sense that Curtis and his people fight wave after wave of enemies. Because since it’s a train, thus it is a direct path from point A to point B. In one scene the rebellion opens a door and an army of ax wielding fishermen all dressed in black are just there waiting for them.

After a medieval style battle, the train goes into a long tunnel, but thankfully the fishermen have their handy night vision goggles ready to be used at a moment’s notice. Somehow Curtis isn’t killed in this scene even though he is in the front line and the fishermen are just chopping through the rebellion. But Curtis luckily is able to shout to the other end (literally the other end of the train) to a boy who has the last pack of matches in existence to lite a series of torches to combat the night vision wearing fishermen. This scene could’ve been easily corrected by simply letting Curtis have the matches in his pocket and he lights the rags on fire.

Then it’s just train car after train car of gauntlet style choices and fight sequences. You see schools, an aquarium, dance clubs, saunas, until eventually reaching the front of the train to meet the conductor, a man named Wilford.

I don’t know what the plan was at this point. Was it to overthrown Wilford, was Curtis supposed to take over and then what? It’s a self-sustaining train on an endless loop around the world. There isn’t much need for a regime change. From the looks of it, the poor are…well poor, and the rich are richer obviously.

Was the plan to stop the train and venture out? Maybe get some more resources in a destroyed city. That would be my plan. Actually, my plan would be to have made a building and not a train. I know it’s an invincible train, but you are going on frozen tracks, sometimes high above the ocean. Sometimes the train has to barrel through ice pillars on the tracks.

And how does, arguably the worst movie of the year, end you ask? Remember, the world is frozen over. Most of the human race is destroyed. So humanities best hope to go on resides in this train. They blow up the @#$%ing train.

I don’t think a rating is necessary for this movie. I would’ve give it a 1 on action and the first 10 minutes of the movie. The planning was pretty cool, but when you learn the plan of Wilford…its just a disaster.

Joe Reyes




A very below average somewhat comedy cop drama with a good cast that nowhere lives up to an enjoyable movie. Filth tries entirely too hard to be something more. The jokes are way too disturbing and only come across as “shock value”.

The storyline isn’t even worth talking about, just boring and bland. The characters make you question why they are even police officers in the first place. James McAvoy was why I put on this movie. He rarely does a bad movie, but “rarely” means that once in a while he does a bust…this was that bust.

In short, this movie is bad. It tries to be something more than it is and takes a very odd approach to comedy. I guess the title sums it up perfectly. Filth gets a well-deserved 1/5.

Joe Reyes



Amare Stoudemire: In The Moment

I am a huge Stoudemire fan. I thought he was on pace for a Hall of Fame career, but I’m pretty sure the rest of his time in basketball will be plagued by injuries and marginal teams signing him. After a nagging back injury a few years back, Stoudemire hasn’t been 100% since.

Netflix features a very interesting documentary about Stoudemire and his road to recovery. But again, I feel that it will be all for nothing. When Stoudemire left the Phoenix Sun, he became the main man on the New York Knicks. Stoudemire was even having an MVP season in his first year with the Knicks.

The documentary shows Stoudemire’s training with Hall of Fame Center Hakeem Olajuwon. Most of Olajuwon’s game is faking defenders out with his footwork and scoring mostly uncontested. Olajuwon has basketball camps for NBA players and shows them how to play like he does.

Olajuwon showed Stoudemire over a dozen different moves and combinations. Stoudemire learned them all perfectly… the gym….with Olajuwon….not in a real game. In a real game Stoudemire is reduced to a 20 minute player a game. In the remaining years of his career I can see him being a 8 point scorer and grabbing maybe 7 rebounds a game. Not bad stats, but Stoudemire is getting paid way too much to be a bench player who comes in sparingly.

Stoudemire will never be at an All Star caliber again, but this was still an interesting documentary to check out. I give it a 5/5 for its insight into Stoudemire’s life and it does show a lot of his road to recovery. Even though I know it’s a futile effort, still a good watch.

Joe Reyes

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Batman: The Brave And The Bold

This show started off great and then ended abruptly. Also the writers took a shot at the company for cutting the show with the final episode. But before that I’ll dive into what this show was and the significance of it.

The Brave And The Bold pairs Batman with a different D.C hero every episode, from the classics like Superman to the more obscure like Space Ghost. The show is very comical, but actioned packed. The idea of adding a secondary hero puts Batman into different situations fighting different enemies.

The only problem I had with the show was how it ended. There is a character Bat-Mite, who has immense psychic powers and observes Batman as if he is watching a TV show, which he pretty much is and talks to the audience at times.

Bat-Mite wanted a darker Batman show filled with more serious situations, so he used his powers to find ways to get the show canceled. He created situations that would make viewers stop watching, thus ending the show. While watching the episode I lost interest and wanted to change it and they even showed fans at home watching the show changing the channels.

In the end Bat-Mite won. The show was canceled and a new Batman show was created. The problem was that Bat-Mite started to fade away. The purpose being that Bat-Mite was deemed a “silly” character and wouldn’t be used in the new darker Batman. Before fading away, Bat-Mite realized the error in his ways and the significance of a more “silly” Batman show.

In the final scene, Batman and the rest of the characters are having a going away party in the Bat Cave. Batman looks to the camera and gives a tearful goodbye to his fans and thanks them for watching his show. I was moved by this and also saw the purpose of a “silly” Batman show.

The company made a very big mistake getting rid of this show. It was entertaining , it made you laugh and more importantly it showcased heroes you wouldn’t normally see. D.C comics have created a lot of different characters. Some interesting and some left on the back shelves. This show shed light on a few forgotten heroes.

I give it a 5/5. Not only for its comedic yet action packed episodes, but for the purpose of the show itself. Check it out on Netflix.

Joe Reyes





I remember watching this movie with a huge smile on my face. In my head I kept saying “I’m going to tear this movie a new one”. I understand True Blood is in its final season, but this wasn’t the movie to get Stephan Moyer other movie deals.

The problem with this movie is that it takes a very real approach to what crime scene investigators do. They have a long boring process that shouldn’t be portrayed in a movie. The main plot is finding out how a group of people died in a deserted area. Moyer and his team look through the video cameras left by the dead and piece together what happened. You’re mostly watching home movies for most of the movie.

The story does pick up a bit when the murders happen, but why am I watching star actor Stephan Moyer watch videos? Wouldn’t we rather see him stopping the crimes or doing something more than analyzing tape?

Yes I understand this is what they do, but this isn’t a movie worth watching. This isn’t a movie for Criminal Justice majors to watch and see what it’s like to really do this. That might’ve been the idea when this movie was in production, but missed the mark entirely.

I give it my lowest score ever. A 0/5 and a MUST AVOID label. There were problems everywhere in this movie. The acting wasn’t even redeeming, even by Moyer, which was surprising.

Joe Reyes

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Just a waste of space of a movie. Sorry was that opening line too much? Everything about this movie was just so dumb. The overall concept, the action, the acting. What I never understand is why is the acting bad? I mean I’ve seen both the main stars in other movies before. Did they just forget how to act? Did the director just say “Hey do whatever” and printed it.

The movie follows a pretty basic storyline. Take the original story and add guns and automatic crossbows to it. The two siblings hunt witches with their kung fu and weapons. There’s a lot more to the story, but it’s not worth getting into.

Don’t see the movie is what I’m pretty much trying to convey. I mean I only wrote about it because Netflix put it on. I stopped watching after the first few minutes and then turned it back on again later. This movie was almost set up to be bad. Why would Jeremy Renner do this movie? He just came off of the Avengers and the new Bourne series. Doesn’t need the money.

I give this movie a well-deserved 0.5/5 because I liked the outfits and design of the weapons. I know it’s my site and all, but don’t think I could be that bad and give it a 0 rating.

Joe Reyes