Williams vs. Stockton

When I had the idea of this match-up, Deron Williams was still a top point guard in the league. Now he is literally playing for a contract. There is no question that John Stockton is the greatest Jazz point guard in NBA history.

Stockton and Williams are opposite in playing style. Stockton is a pass first guard and Williams is a scoring guard. Stockton still leads in Assists in NBA history. But playing alongside Hall of Famer Karl Malone isn’t what got Stockton into the Hall of Fame as well.

Stockton was also a prolific scorer and shooter. He played tough defense every night and sometimes was regarded as the league’s dirtiest player. No Stockton wasn’t throwing punches or hard fouling other players, he played such hard defense that other players hated being covered by him.


Williams isn’t a great defender at all. He isn’t a great passer either. What Williams can do is score. But there are times when his shot isn’t dropping and he is forced to be a facilitator. Since he isn’t a great passer he starts making bad passes and doesn’t see the open man.

In no way is Williams a leader. Stockton wasn’t just the point guard of the team, he was the floor general. He would call out the plays and make sure the open man got the ball. He prided his game on making others better. And when he was forced to be the “man” he was. Stockton again was a great perimeter shooter and could drive to the paint when needed.

The best Point Guards today try to mimic what Stockton was. Magic Johnson , John Stockton, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd and Chris Paul are all pass first guards and are what general managers look for in their point guards. They don’t want their point guard jacking up contested shots and try to be the “man” every night.

Joe Reyes






George Gervin vs. Kevin Durant

What separates these 2 great scorers is their size. I would take Durant mainly because he is about 6’10 and has over a 7 foot wingspan. He can pull up over centers with ease. Both men are extremely talented scorers. They could pull up from virtually any distance.

Gervin, appropriately nicknamed the Ice Man, was clutch beyond belief. Any shot, time running down, defenders draped over him, it didn’t matter. He would score against anyone. The finger-roll was done to perfection. Who would’ve thought a game changing shot was as simple as rolling the ball off your fingers?

The only thing stopping Durant from get 40 a night is the fact that he plays with Russell Westbrook. Otherwise he would crush the scoring title. I remember reading a quote from Gervin about Durant. In his words “He’s just like me, only better”. Not THAT is a Hell of a compliment. Durant will go down as the greatest scorer this game has ever seen. And will be a first ballad Hall of Famer by the end of his career.

Joe Reyes

Emmitt Smith VS Adrian Peterson

I don’t think Adrian Peterson will ever win a championship. He doesn’t have a team around him. Emmitt had a great team around. The Cowboys had a great offense and a great defense. Adrian Peterson is the Vikings. He won MVP and had the most rushing yards last season and was about 9 yards short of breaking the rushing record.

Peterson is a workhorse. Defenses know Peterson is going to get the ball and still they can’t stop him. That is why I’d rather have Peterson over Smith. He is a more physical runner and a power back that can’t be stopped. Emmitt also can’t be stopped at times, but since they had a great quarterback and receivers it took the pressure off of him.

Peterson had a horrific ACL/MCL injury and many thought he wouldn’t ever play again. He came back and almost broke the single season rushing record. How could you argue against that? Emmitt was obviously a great player. A well-deserved Hall of Famer by far, but I don’t think he is they type of player Peterson is.

I think Peterson will go down as a top 5 running back in NFL history, maybe even top 3. Barry Sanders and Walter Payton were more of elusive runners, but Peterson just barrels through people. You can’t stop him. Everyone even knows he’s going to run and yet there isn’t a game plan around that can stop him.

Joe Reyes



Sugar Ray Leonard VS Floyd Mayweather Jr








Two very fast and primarily defensive fighters. You take Sugar in his prime and put him against Floyd and it’s a no brainier. First of all we wouldn’t ever see this fight if Sugar was in his prime today. Floyd would just keep ducking him like he’s doing with Manny Pacquiao.

Sugar fought EVERYONE! Bigger, stronger, heavier, it didn’t matter to Sugar at all. If you challenged him then he would fight you. I admit I’m not the biggest fan of Sugar. I still think Marvin Haggler was robbed. I think Sugar is too showboaty in his approach, but that’s how he fights. He lures you in and then takes advantage.

I don’t believe in Floyd at all. He just takes the easy fights now if anything. We see this guy fight maybe twice a year at best.  Boxing today is like that in the sense that fighters don’t fight that often. Maybe that’s because of all the recent head injury knowledge, but something’s got to change.

Floyd mostly picks who he wants to fight. People coming off of losses of fighters past their prime. Many argue that Pacquiao is fighting similar people, but the difference is that people are challenging Pacquiao and he’s stepping up. Floyd isn’t going to set up.

That’s why off the back I think Sugar would win. Both fighters are very similar in fighting style and approach. Their speed is almost unmatched. But Sugar is a tougher man. He doesn’t back down from anyone. He’s a bad man in the ring.

This would be a legendary fight, but it wouldn’t have ever happened in today’s world. Sugar is going to go down as one of the best ever and sadly Floyd will too. But I think Floyd will mostly go on record alone and not toughness and legendary fight moments.

Joe Reyes

Jordan vs. Bryant

I’m going to start this off strong with arguably the best player ever in Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant, the closest thing we’ve seen to Jordan. For years teams have been trying to recreate the Jordan frame. 6’6, athletic highflying build and a stone-cold dead eye shooter.

Jordan might be the greatest scorer in history. I am not the biggest fan of Jordan. I think he took too many shots and held the ball a lot. BUT, he did it because he was the best player on the floor. Doesn’t matter if it was a regular season game, doesn’t matter if it was an All-Star game; Jordan was the best scorer on the floor.

Jordan was also a great defender. Arguably, one of the best on ball defenders in the league history. He played on a team with many Hall of Famers. Scotty Pippen was a superstar, Rodman was one of the best rebounders ever and they just surrounded Jordan with playmakers. The Bulls built a team catering around one player. They even fired coaches because Jordan wasn’t happy.

Kobe is the best closer in the game today. At the end of close games, we know Kobe’s getting that ball and they can’t stop him. We all know this ball is going to Kobe and teams would double team him and he would end up hoisting that ball up from far 3 point range and ….nothing but net.

Kobe had play makers around him too. Not to the extent as Jordan, but he had Shaq. I’m saying Shaq is the best Center ever and Kobe benefitted from having him around. Even though there was bad blood between them, they still won championships. I don’t think Derrick Fisher is that good. If anything he is the Jordan equal to John Paxton.

I would take Kobe before Jordan and I know people will think I’m crazy for that. Kobe had to go through tougher teams than Jordan did. Kobe is still getting it done. And I think he can still get another ring before he’s done.

Another reason why I’d take Kobe is because even when he’s injured, he still preforms. One year Kobe had two fingers that weren’t hurt on his shooting hand. They were broken and sprained and he still shot game winners. Ankle injuries and back spasms didn’t stop him from getting it done. That is why I would take Kobe, he is a warrior. And yes Jordan is too, but he hasn’t had to get it done with the obstacles Kobe has.

Joe Reyes