Life Of Percentages

We, as a society, try to use words like “beliefs” and “positivity” as explanations of how we overcome certain things. I realized recently that it doesn’t matter how positive or how much you believe in something, things can always take a negative turn.

There are thousands of Self Help Books designed to make us better people. Authors like Tony Robbins talk about how positivity can solve your problems. People use literature and research as methods for constructing positivity.

Let’s use the scenario that I have a life threatening illness and there is a chance I may die. On one hand I am the roaring Ra-Ra confidence of the American spirit. Where I believe I can overcome ANYTHING! Let’s say I live…is it because of my positivity or because I took the right things? People will talk about how confident I am and how nothing can take me down because I believe. Not “just” because I took the right things.

On the other hand I am negative and depressed constantly. I feel like I have no value in this world and will die alone. But let’s say I take the medicine still (which I will go into later on) and I live. Do you think it was my negative attitude that rewarded me with life? Again, maybe me taking the right things cured me and not a mindset.

I had 2 life threatening concussions. I had bleeding in the brain and doctors were shocked that I had no symptoms at all and didn’t miss a step. At the same time of my first concussion, actor Liam Neeson’s wife (Natasha Richardson) hit her head on soft snow and died of a head injury. I hit my head on ice so hard that my skull cracked and I was perfectly fine while she died. So did I overcome my injury with my positive sensibility? Did my body say “Heal now” and it did? Or does this reside in the category of “shit happens”?

Jim Valvano gave one of the greatest speeches in history. He was diagnosed with cancer and gave an emotionally roaring speech at the ESPN awards ceremony about how anyone can overcome anything. A few months after his speech he died…..of the same cancer that he made us all believe that he can overcome. Meanwhile people who maybe have a more serious diagnosis of cancer and who aren’t as positive may live.

The reason I put in parenthesis the part about the medicine was because (even though I am mostly bashing the notion of positive attitudes as methods for success) you still have to have a small notion of positivity to want to take something in the first place. If there is a 1% chance that you may live after hearing that you have a life-threatening illness, then you have a chance. I could be a devout Christian and have my heart filled with the Holy Spirit and still die. Meanwhile, I can be a negative atheist who has the same thing and live. Putting my hands together in prayer isn’t going to guarantee success.

Mercer College beat Duke in the NCAA tournament last season. Are you going to make the argument that Mercer College was more positive and wanted to win more than Duke? Or can you make the argument that Duke’s shots weren’t going in and Mercer had a better game plan? There are 68 teams in the tournament so therefore you have a 1/68 chance of winning it all. There are no certainties in sports. If you make it to a tournament, then you have a chance to win. Don’t let odds makers determine outcomes.

We love the David vs Goliath type of stories. Movies like Rudy and Miracle show us how people overcome impossible odds and come out on top. What a better story? How LeBron James has overcome adversity and has finally achieved all he was predicted to or how Bill Russell has won 11 titles in a row because he played on the best team in the league at that time?

I don’t mean to shit on people’s beliefs or positive energy. I trying to be a best-selling author and overcome disappointment constantly. I get rejection letters from publishers and still I send more out. Why? Because it’s something I want to do for a living. There is a big chance that I may never achieve my dream and have to settle for another career choice.

So I believe in being positive because without taking that first step you might not get what you want or take what you need to survive, BUT I don’t believe that thinking positive or reading the right material will automatically solve your problems.

Like I said about sports and certainties, there are also no certainties in life. If you have a 1% chance of living, then you have a chance of living. If you have a 99% chance of living then you still have a 1% chance of dying.

We love to hope that there is some otherworldly force that can help us in times of peril. That our positive energy can therefore challenge the laws of the universe so we may come out on top, but sadly that is hysterically untrue. Sometimes, to be blunt, shit happens. And there are no guarantees with medicine, self-help books and Ra-Ra speeches.

Joe Reyes



2015 Starting Off Fast

With the New Year approaching I wanted to make a list of all the new things that I will hopefully be putting online. I have a series of Videos I plan on filming from reenactments to Hollywood movie scenes to Joe’s Fun With Science. I also am putting on original short stories and some fan fiction I’ve been working on.

I am working on a Marvel/DC crossover that is different than anything else anyone has published so far. I don’t want to spoil the idea just yet, but it isn’t the usual Hulk vs Superman stuff. This is a well thought out story that I will try to start publishing it by chapter on this site.

I’m still pursuing my dream of becoming an author, so this is a good way to get my name out there and showcase what I can do. I could use a bit of help though. I’m looking into publishers and agents so if anyone has any helpful ideas I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks to all my readers and followers. I hope I can continue to write and entertain you all. Thanks again and happy New Year to you all.

Joe Reyes

The Power Of The ;)

This symbol can change the tone for text messages. It implies a sexual tone to your messages. If you don’t believe me look at these messages.

Message 1-Come over

Message 2-Come over 😉

Message 1-I want to see you

Message 2-I want to see you 😉

Message 1-I’m taking a crap

Message 2-I’m taking a crap 😉

Message 1- Hey

Message 2-Hey 😉

You see how the tone of the message changes by adding a simple 😉 face. Watch out when you send messages with 😉 because it might give someone the wrong message. Send in your 😉 face messages and let’s see what other funny combinations we can make.

Joe Reyes


After we got Netflix I realized that I will never learn the channels on my TV. There is no reason to if you have Netflix. There are thousands upon thousands of movies and TV shows on it. My first night with after installing it, it took me 45 minutes to figure out what to watch.

That’s how many different choices there are. For $7.99 a month, it’s well worth it. Now that price gets for the streaming. That allows you to go on your computer or TV adaptor that lets you access the internet. This gives you almost everything you ever wanted to watch.

“Almost” was the key word. They don’t have every movie and show on that. You pay another $7.99 and that allows you to have movies and shows sent to your house. You might think you’re getting the low end of the deal with the streaming, but your defiantly not.

Steaming alone grants you access to almost anything you want. Hit movies, Oscar winners, shows from decades ago and recent episodes are all accessible. There is nothing to lose by getting Netflix and they keep on adding more and more every day.

Joe Reyes


Living Vicariously Through Our Cars? (In a Sense)

This might sound crazy, but this is an observation I’ve noticed during my years of driving. So, just to be clear, what do I mean by ‘vicariously’? Let’s look at it like this. Whether you’re wearing your seat belt or not, we’re being confined into one place, our cars. While we are confined to the inside, our environment outside is constantly changing. So much is going on around us at any given time.

Some people are driving slow, fast etc. For the most part we like to be in control of things, but then again we aren’t. We don’t have control over those around us. You see, what we do have is SOME control over the people around us. When two people lack ability to accept the control of others, we have accidents.

Often we feel disrespected when someone cuts us off. We get mad. We put that pedal to the ground and tell our car to move faster. Isn’t that vicarious in a sense? Aside from pressing on the gas and brakes, and steering of course. We aren’t actually going anywhere if that makes sense.

To further explain this perspective. When we are walking, running, skipping etc. We are actually using our bodies to get from one place to another. It is US that are moving through the world. That’s what I would call the difference in this situation.

When it comes to our cars we are controlling this external thing that’s doing what we say, so that we get to where we need to be. Isn’t this vicarious? In a sense? Now while I do not necessarily know why I made this observation, and needed to point it out isn’t all that clear to me. This is only a perspective. In no way am I confining myself to this observation/perspective, because then anything else I say wouldn’t be me…..I’d be contradicting myself, but then again…. since it’s not actually me, it’s vicarious…. IN A SENSE.

Darnell Ortega

A Little Bit Of Help

Does anyone know any free sites, no signup where you can watch premium channel shows? Shows like True Blood and Game of Thrones. Recently we switched our cable provider and will be losing HBO and other channels like Showtime and Starz.

I know there are hundreds of sites that can do that, but some make you signup. I just wondering who if anyone knew any that they use and are good to use.

Thanks again everyone,

Joe Reyes


This Can Only End Bad

I saw a commercial that talks about how you can sync your phone to the utilities in your home. It even tells you that you can unlock your door by simply pressing a button on your phone. I think the risk outweighs the convenience by a lot.

For starts, your phone is a computer. If someone can hack into your email or bank account, then what’s saying that this can’t happen to your phone? Someone can hack your phone and simply let themselves in with the click of a button. Farfetched? Not at all. I remember hearing about how Facebook was hacked and people’s statuses were changed and material was deleted.

My friend’s uncle was thought to be dead because someone hacked his daughters account and the hacker put something about how her father died. Obviously it was found out later on that he was alive, but just the initial idea that computers aren’t a very secure thing anymore.

I just can’t see anything positive coming out from this. And I can easily see something bad happening and then, and only then, will people see that this is a bad idea.

Joe Reyes