$100 Million Dollar Contracts

In the NFL they seem to give $100 million dollar contracts to anyone who has a good season. These contracts should be reserved for players that are Quarterbacks only. Mainly because they impact the game in ways far greater than any other position on the field.

JJ Watt is having a Defensive Player of the Year season, but look at the records for the Texans. Trade Watt and Andrew Luck and see which team goes to the playoffs. Luck has a bad roster around him. B- receivers, C running game, worst offensive line in the league and an OK defense at best…..playoff team.

The Texans have a Pro Bowl wide out in Andre Johnson, Pro Bowl running back in Arian Foster, a bevy of pretty good defensive players….they won’t make the playoffs. There is a huge drop off from Watt and the next best defensive player. Watt is a huge contributor on defense, but this is a quarterback dominated league and without a good one, let alone a decent one, you can’t make the playoffs.

Now the biggest problem teams have is in the rebuilding phase. The average fan can see a quarterbacks ceiling. Andy Dalton is average, at best, but still got a $100+ million dollar contract. Is he deserving of that contract…..#$#% NO!

BUT you gotta look at it like this. Do you start over OR try to build around him and hope he doesn’t #$#% up. So the Bengals were trapped in a situation of “pay the man” or “start over”. And the Bengals are just good enough to screw themselves out of a good quarterback draft pick.

Unless you have an impact guy…..then move the #@$% on. That simple. Now not to discredit Watt, he is a hell of a player, but a defensive player isn’t going to get the Texans into the playoffs.

You don’t need a max guy to win it all. That’s one of the main problems with professional sports today. Teams and fans think you need max contract guy to win it all. In salary cap leagues, you cannot….CAN-@$%#ING NOT overpay for a guy who won’t win it all for you.

Dez Bryant wants a big payoff this upcoming off season. Would you sink $80 million into a guy who can’t impact that game unless the quarterback is giving him the ball? Larry Fitzgerald screwed himself with a $100 million dollar 7 year contract.

The Texans are one quarterback with an above average IQ and arm away from making it to the Super Bowl. Watt is playing his absolute hardest and they are just barely surviving in this league. Without him nobody cares about the Texans, but with him they are less than nothing. They are nothing now, but would be less than nothing if they lost Watt.

Smart players take less to build around themselves and their team. Salary cap leagues are meant for teams to go 8-8. Same money to spread around, better draft picks to losing teams are two key reasons.

Texans need a quarterback, plain and simple. They don’t need a $100 million dollar defensive end who you can double team and add some extra blockers to deter him who most importantly take a big chunk out of the salary cap.

Joe Reyes


Larry Fitzgerald and Chris Bosh VS Hall of Fame









There is no question that these two men have Hall of Fame talent. When Bosh was on Toronto he had incredible numbers and was one of the best Power Forwards in the league. Fitzgerald has had up and down seasons because he had some terrible Quarterbacks around him. When Kurt Warner was giving the reins, Fitzgerald and the Cardinals went to the Superbowl. But with Warner retiring and Bosh taking a step back in Miami, both men have had subpar seasons at best.

The question is, do both men end up in the Hall of Fame? Fitzgerald has incredible talent and is a tough man to cover, but he doesn’t have a Quarterback. Without the Quarterback, you can be the most talented man on the planet, but still not get the ball.

Bosh took a cut in pay to play with LeBron James and Dwayne Wade and has also taken a step back in performance. Bosh knew his place on Miami. He was the 3rd best player on that team and played his role perfectly to achieve 2 championships.

The criteria for Hall of Fame isn’t “how good you can be” it is “how good you were”. Playing with a career with bad Quarterbacks do hurt your stats. Bosh does have rings, but came at the expense of his numbers going hysterically down.

Both men are deserving talent wise, but I think if you have to pause and look over their careers, then it’s a no. The Hall of Fame isn’t a collection of What Ifs. They are of players that were the man on their teams. Huge fan of both men, but can’t see them making the Hall of Fame. If they do, it won’t be on a 1st ballot.

Joe Reyes

Ray Rice Let Go?

After a new video surfaced with Ray Rice seen knocking out his now fiancé, the Ravens have released Rice from the team. I completely and utterly….disagree with their decision to do so. In no means am I defending Rice’s actions. In fact I believe that those who commit domestic violence should be kicked out of the league entirely.

I disagree that this video changes anything in my mind about the whole situation. This is a new video that was released of the incident. Before we only had the video of Rice dragging his unconscious fiancé out of the elevator. He was suspended for “domestic violence” charges brought up against him. So……he did hit her. That much we already knew. Don’t see the point of making a further penalty for reasons that we already knew to be clear.

We all know the act was bad….so why does a video apparently open our eyes to it more? I think this was an overreaction to the new released video. This should’ve been done AT THE START of this whole story and not simply because we now see what happened.

I mean it’s not shocking at all of what this video was. He knocked his wife out. How he did it was irrelevant to me and it should be irrelevant to the Ravens organization. I believe Rice should’ve been let go when he was suspended. They had evidence that he hit his wife at the beginning of the investigation and now they have even more proof. So?

Joe Reyes



I’m Sorry That It’s Not My Fault

“I’d like to apologize to my teammates, coaches, the Cleveland Browns organization and our fans. I am very disappointed that the NFL and its hearing office didn’t exercise better discretion and judgment in my case. I would like to sincerely thank the people who have been incredibly supportive of me during this challenging time, including my family, my agent, my union, my legal team, and the Cleveland Browns staff,”

                                                                           Josh Gordon

Hmmmm….I don’t see the part where he acknowledges his dumb actions and takes responsibilities for his mistakes, past and present. Josh Gordon has been pulling this baby like act for his whole football career.

Gordon smoked marijuana in high school, got suspended for it in college, switched teams because of his drug use and is now getting suspended for an entire year, but still manages TO FIND THE BALLS to pretty much say “Hey wasn’t my fault,”.

I hope Josh Gordon never plays another snap in football ever again. Gordon simply doesn’t deserve it. Sure he put up great numbers last season (missing a pair of games for drug use again), but it doesn’t matter. This is a man (a grown man and not a child) who simply doesn’t get it.

I don’t think this suspension will solve anything. Yes, it would be nice if he has a Cris Carter type of awakening, but I doubt it. I am closing the door on Gordon. Last season Gordon might’ve put himself into the elite category of receivers (ever more impressive because he is a member of the Browns), but it doesn’t amount for a thing right now. The league suspended him without blinking and they had the right too.

The NFL will find a new star quickly, like they always do, and put the memory of Gordon in the rear view mirror. Hopefully, the next football prospect will think twice about smoking marijuana or doing any type of illegal substance. Maybe Gordon’s dumb, selfish actions will actually save a young player’s career.

No one player is above the might of the NFL shield. The league does a great job at protecting its brand and boots out players that violate their code of conduct. Gordon will most likely find himself playing again next season. He is too great a talent to not be employed by some desperate team, but one puff of smoke and he is back to watching the games at home.

Joe Reyes


Le’s Moron-ables

It’s amazing of how dump most NFL players are these days. Both Steelers running backs, Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount, were arrested last night for marijuana possession…..really don’t know where to go with this. After seeing how Josh Gordon is going to be suspended for the entire season, wouldn’t NFL players make sure they have their addictions in check? Maybe not carry it around on you? No, because that would make too much sense.

I actually believed in the Steelers running game this season. The addition of Blount gave them a speedy guy and a hard hitting guy. A very good one two punch on offense. There might be a suspension, which is the last thing this team needs. The Steelers are on a very steep decline and even the littlest suspension could set the team back a few games.

The Steelers need a fully staffed roster in order to compete in their division. Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount might have just cost the team a playoff berth. It might sound silly, but when you don’t have your number 1 and number 2 running backs, it gets hard to run the football. This causes Big Ben to throw more passes and with the departure of Sanders to Denver, there aren’t many players ready to make the big play.

Joe Reyes

Legs Don’t Bend That Way!


As I write this I am still shaking from what I just saw. I just witnessed Paul George’s leg snap like a twig live on TV. The USA Men’s Qualifying team was playing a simple scrimmage and in one second the whole atmosphere changed. George went to block a simple layup, landed awkwardly and that was it. The bone popped right through the skin and my jaw hit the ground.

The game was called a few minutes after. The players all looked stunned and disgusted at the injury, as was I. It is sad to see George done for the Olympic tournament, but more importantly without a doubt out for the season.

I can see some kind of ramifications from this. I can see teams not wanting their star players enter this event, because an injury like this could happen at any moment. The Indian Pacers might not even make the Playoffs this season. After this injury, I can see some conflict of interests happening with teams letting their players attend this tournament.

Blake Griffin and Kevin Love didn’t take part in this event and looks to be for a good reason. So who knows what other star players might not attend after seeing what happened to George. Yes, you can get injured at any time, but can make the argument that more playing time puts you at more risk to injuries than not playing at all.

Joe Reyes


Julius Randle 7 Los Angeles Lakers


I LOVE Julius Randle. I think he is the best big man in the draft by far and an absolute steal of a pick by the Lakers. I remember looking at early draft boards and wondering why wasn’t Randle higher up? Guy just led his team into the National Championship, how did he slip so far?

He has NBA size and footwork. Give him a competent past first guard and his numbers will soar. If Steve Nash could stay healthy, look for Randle to be an early Rookie of the Year candidate. I think he will lead all Rookies in rebounds. Not in points. Playing with Kobe might diminish some early numbers for Randle.

Randle was a much better pick than Joel Embiid. Randle will most likely be a Power Forward for the bulk of his career. I think in the West you need a good combo of size on your front line. If Pau Gasol leaves then the Lakers will be put in a tight spot. Either way, Randle will be a star in this league.

Joe Reyes

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