I tried to give this game the old college try….twice. I just really wasn’t a fan of this game, but tried it out because I heard such great things about it. I found that Borderlands tried to be too silly at times and many missions were just too boring for me.

I am a fan of the RPG style leveling up of abilities based on what weapon you use. I like that my character levels up by the style of play that I like to use. The game doesn’t force you to play a certain way and gives you a multitude of weapons at your disposal. There are a lot of open spaces in each level and with enemies respawning you’ll always have something to kill.

This game had a lot going for it. I was even a fan of the cartoon style graphics. But again I felt this game was at fault by some lazy missions of going to a place, pressing X, and going to another place and pressing X. I give the game a 2/5. It had some fun moments, but most of the time I was waiting for what people were clamoring about.

Joe Reyes



Crysis 3

Before I go into this review I must first state that I did not play the previous Crysis games in the series. I picked this game up randomly at a game store and never even heard about the game. That being said I liked the game a lot. The only problem I had with it, was that the game didn’t explain fully what happened in the previous 2.
You are just thrown into what seems like a changed world and barely get any knowledge of what is going on. Now again, I never played the previous 2 games, but I’ve played sequels before. I picked up Mass Effect 2 before playing the first one and knew everything I had to about the previous game.

Crysis 3 had everything you could ask for in a first person shooter. This game would’ve received a perfect 5/5, but the lack of knowing what was going on killed it for me at spots. You play as Prophet, a soldier strapped into an alien suit of armor. The suit gives you Predator like abilities. Enhanced strength, invisibility, shields and enhanced leaping ability.

There is a large amount of customization in the game from different power-ups your suit gets and also the different weapon modifications you can do on your guns. You even get a bow and arrow with different modifications. You can even set how much torque is in the bow when you pull back. Different torque leads to faster or more powerful hits with the arrows.
AGAIN this game is PERFECT, but I don’t know WHT THE HELL IS GOING ON! I thought Prophet was an alien working with the humans. You are with a squad mate Michael, who apparently was also in a suit, but was taken out for some reason.

You’re fighting this group of random human grunts called CELL, but their intentions are pretty unknown. Also aliens called Ceph, which I think is where the suit came from. There is little information about them except a few written texts you find along the way.
This game gets a 4/5, but can easily have been a perfect game if they would’ve had a few flashbacks that explained what was going on or just a character to explain what was going on. And it’s not laziness or sheer neglect on my part. I don’t think I HAVE TO play to previous two games to know what was going on in the third.
I hate to dwell on it, but it’s not hard to explain something to people who haven’t played the previous games before. The way I would’ve done it is simple and quick. It’s a rough idea and I’m writing off the top of my head so this isn’t elaborately thought out.

Show the Earth, aliens invade, soldiers fight back, how does Prophet get the suit, a little about the other characters, what CELL is, aliens getting wiped out, something significant that happened in the second game and what leads you to the opening scene of the third game. SIMPLE!

I don’t even know who ran CELL. Who is in charge of it? For all I know they were random grunts that I wanted to see how many I could kill before someone fired a shot at me. Baring my rant, I give this game a great 4/5 and a must have for previous players of the game and fans of first person shooters.
Joe Reyes


Injustice Gods Among Us

The makers of Mortal Kombat have outdone themselves with this amazing adaptation of a comic book. Injustice follows the storyline of how our greatest heroes become our greatest threats. The game is a primarily a 1 on 1 fight, but with an amazing storyline.

The storyline alone is worth the games asking price. It features an alternate world where Superman has been pushed to the breaking point and started his own army. He waged war against all who opposed him, including that worlds Batman.

The game has you traveling between dimensions and fighting as a multitude of its characters. You even get to play as the Joker in his storyline.

The fighting is well done. Each level allows you to interact with the environment. You can hurl cars and your enemy and even shoot them into other dimensions. Each character has specific moves for each and you can unleash powerful finishers to incapacitate your foes. Each character is vastly different and has their own strengths and weaknesses.

There is a wide array of characters and I will be writing an article about each one. I give Injustice a well-deserved 5/5 and a must play for fighting fans. I only hope that one day the creators make a Marvel version.

Joe Reyes


Mr. Fantastic

Well….I guess you had to make him. Otherwise it would be called the Fantastic 3 and that wouldn’t make any sense. He is useless across the board. Since he’s made of rubber he takes a little damage when he is hit, but not enough that he will have the people stocking up Command Points to get him.

There are so many better and cheaper characters you can get over him. Unless you want to get everyone, I don’t see a point in getting him.

Joe Reyes


The Thing

Much like Colossus, the Thing has a high defense and can trade blows with the toughest of enemies. He doesn’t Bleed or take any other negative Perks like that. He is a few more Command Points than Colossus, but I really don’t see why.

He’s a good pick up. No pun intended he’s a very solid character. He can Protect and take all the blows and still end up fighting. He does have a high critical hit and it comes down to preference of who you’d rather have. Personally, I think Colossus is cooler, but it’s very close to dead even.

Joe Reyes



Time and time again this game creates cool characters and makes them totally useless. Gambit has nothing redeeming about him. I don’t even know what to write about him. He’s an Infiltrator that’s it. There are a ton of better Infiltrators out there a lot better than him.

I don’t see a point in taking him. He doesn’t do anything of value. His attacks are weak and are mostly the same. Don’t get him. Save your Command Points and buy someone better.

Joe Reyes

The Punisher

                Very cool character to use. He constantly adapts to the class that’s most beneficial for you. With ever turn you gain new attacks that are vastly different from each other. The problem is you have to win a lot of Player vs. Player matches to get him.

                It would’ve been so much better to just shell out 90 Command Points and buy him. He is worth the effort. He is a couple different characters combined because he changes every turn. He is very worth getting.

Joe Reyes