How To Ruin A Second Season

I want to use the TV show Young Justice as an example for this article. Young Justice is a DC comic’s based show about the Justice League’s sidekicks forming a new team to aid the league. The show started off very well. There was the introduction of a core group of characters that each got their own storylines in some episodes. Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Ms. Martian, Artemis and Aqualad were the core group of heroes. There was a main plot that got deeper as the show progressed. Each character evolved and changed as events transpired.

The creators started off the show great. There was a deep enriching storyline. A solid group of characters that all had a big part of screen time. Any filler episodes served to deepen your understanding of the characters. The season ended in a cliff hanger. The final episodes showed the Justice League being controlled by an unknown evil and forced to fight their once sidekicks. You find out that 6 members of the League went into deep space with no knowledge of what happened. Also in the final moments you saw who the main villain was.

They ended the season solving the problem and setting the tone for next season. So what is the problem? I can answer it in 3 words “5 years later”. The new season started off 5 years later from the previous one. Everything changed and the season was mostly trying to answer the questions the audience had.

Robin, a young boy at the time matured quickly and is in charge of the team. He is now known as Nightwing. Superboy and Ms. Martian started a relationship that seemed to abruptly end. Kid Flash and Artemis became a couple and quit the League all together. Aqualad’s one true love died and he became a supervillain and teamed up with Black Manta….who you later find out is Aqualad’s father.

Instead of building to these storyline, the writers decided to ignore all that and just make you accept their idea. You also find out in the first season that the character Red Arrow, who was once team member, was a clone and the real Red Arrow was captured. So the clone Red Arrow set out to find the original. So he has been searching for 5 years and found nothing. Oh yea, he also had a kid with a supervillain that was randomly sprung on him.

There are a huge number of additional team members added to season 2. None of them you learn how they ended up there. The season starts with the new members combating a bad guy. There is no introduction about these characters. It’s just “Here is Blue Beetle and everyone else”.

Not only did each character in the first season get their own episode, you got to learn about their pasts and how they got to where they are now. There is a new Robin and a Batgirl. Along with a handful of other “main characters” to the show that just spring up like they were there all the time.

It the difference between “showing” vs “telling” story writing. One is just “accept it” and that’s it. The other is take it step by step. Show me how Robin became Nightwing. Show me how he took charge and became the leader.

There aren’t simple little changes. These are series changing events that were just sprung on the audience. Good writing is showing not telling. 5 years is 5 seasons worth of material they could’ve put in to the show.

More importantly the second season had a lot of twists and turns, but they were only twists and turns because the audience didn’t know better and you had to just everything as it was presented. That’s not a twist, it’s a lie.

So after a solid core group has been assembled, season 2 diluted it and sometimes you never saw all the heroes. When I write, I make sure all characters are given their proper time in the spot light. One story I wrote had 7 different characters in different parts of the United States.

BUT I cycled through them repeatedly so there wasn’t a long gap between seeing all the characters. More importantly I even had some characters interact with eachother and go on joint storylines. Book 2 I added a lot more characters, but still had the small numbers of storylines because I combined characters and it didn’t spread the story to thin.

Young Justice was a great show, but the writers ruined it by first making the outrageous time gap and then by adding so many new characters without an explanation. Shows can’t that. First of all it’s unfair to the audience and more importantly it is just bad writing. Season 1 was never like that so going off the blue print into season 2 is just an odd idea. This is how you ruin a good show.

Joe Reyes


2015 Starting Off Fast

With the New Year approaching I wanted to make a list of all the new things that I will hopefully be putting online. I have a series of Videos I plan on filming from reenactments to Hollywood movie scenes to Joe’s Fun With Science. I also am putting on original short stories and some fan fiction I’ve been working on.

I am working on a Marvel/DC crossover that is different than anything else anyone has published so far. I don’t want to spoil the idea just yet, but it isn’t the usual Hulk vs Superman stuff. This is a well thought out story that I will try to start publishing it by chapter on this site.

I’m still pursuing my dream of becoming an author, so this is a good way to get my name out there and showcase what I can do. I could use a bit of help though. I’m looking into publishers and agents so if anyone has any helpful ideas I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks to all my readers and followers. I hope I can continue to write and entertain you all. Thanks again and happy New Year to you all.

Joe Reyes

Captain America 2 : The Winter Soldier

I’m going to use one phrase to describe this movie. “The greatest superhero movie ever made”, how does that sound? Yes I am speaking to all you Dark Knight fans. There are no Heath Ledger Oscar performances in The Winter Soldier, but this movie didn’t call for that.

What makes Steve Rogers (Captain America) the greatest hero of them all, is because after he acquired his powers, he has only tried to do good things with them. Iron Man gets drunk and parties. Thor is an oversized baby at times who just has to prove he is tougher than other people.

Rogers joined SHIELD “to protect people” he says. And this movie tests his moral in way that he didn’t expect. Imagine waking up and learning that everything you knew was a lie. What if you fought and laid your life on the line to find out that the people you trusted had ulterior motives.

That’s what Rogers had to endure during this movie. He learned that SHIELD wasn’t only corrupted, but has been since its creation. That HYDRA, the group led by the Nazis that Captain America fought in WW2, are SHIELD.

Years underground, HYDRA has infiltrated the government for one purpose. They took the Helicarrier used by Nick Furry and created 3 more of them. Each equipped with weapons that can kill thousands by the minute. HYDRA created a program that would target those who could be a threat to them and with a push of a button kill them all.

“Trust no one” Nick Furry says to Rogers. Rogers must rely on a select few who he trusts to stop HYDRA. Natasha Romanoff, who Rogers doesn’t even know if he can trust, tags along. Also Sam Wilson, a military pilot accompanies Rogers to help take down HYDRA. The Winter Soldier is HYDRA’s greatest assassin, has been used on missions towards the end of WW2. The Winter Soldier has ties to Roger’s past and makes Rogers question if he could kill The Winter Soldier if needed.

This movie is a deep as it is actioned packed. The difference between this action and that of The Dark Knight, is that you can see it perfectly. Many movies these days make action sequences close-ups and very fast. In some movies it’s hard to make out what’s going on at times. The directing of Captain America 2 takes the camera back so you can see every punch thrown and can make out what exactly is going on.

The only problem I had with the movie was that he was WAY too good with that shield. At times making pin point throws and catching it from behind his back. It wasn’t a problem, but it was a little bit too farfetched.

This movie gets a clear 5/5 and one of the best movies of the year. I might end up buying two copies of this movie because I think I will wear out the DVD when I buy it.


Joe Reyes


I really didn’t want to watch it at first. I mostly wanted to just write a review about new show. I didn’t know…that I would be watching the first episode of one of the best shows on TV. Banshee is very unique show about an ex con impersonating a newly enacted sheriff in Banshee Pennsylvania.

Banshee is mostly a peaceful Amish community, but with a criminal underbelly. The town is mostly run by Kai Proctor, a once Amish man turned mob leader. Kai runs a meat packing plant and seems peaceful, but get on his bad side and he’ll knock your teeth out and then tell you to put them back in your mouth (an actual scene).

When the con is released from prison, he tries to find a woman from his old life, Carrie Hopewell. Obviously we aren’t told much, but she seems to be a reason why he was imprisoned or knew something about it. Carrie is married to a lawyer and has a rebel for a daughter, so something interesting will happen that will turn this simple family life upside down.

When the con enters Banshee, he quickly makes friends with a retire boxer, now bartender. Lucas Hood is sitting in the bar with the con and the bartender. Hood is the new sheriff, but starts in a few days. A few of Proctor’s men try to rob the bar and Hood is killed. The con and the bartender decide to bury Hood and the 2 gangsters instead of calling the police. Obviously the con would be arrested on suspicion alone, so hiding the body of someone nobody knew and 2 gangsters wasn’t too bad.

When they are burying them, Hood’s phone rings and the con answers it pretending to be Hood. Since nobody met Hood before, it’s easy for the con to claim he is him. The con has a friend that can get him fake papers, so the transformation is completed. Not really an outrageous idea actually.

The show has incredible potential. The only problem is see with it is that other characters storylines will intrude dulling down the action. Cinemax did a great job with the show Strike Back, making the storylines a part of the action and not as filler.

The Pilot episode gets a 4/5, but I think the show can be a top show on TV. Check it out on Cinemax on Fridays at 10pm.

Joe Reyes