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This Wasn’t Christmas

Today didn’t feel like Christmas. I don’t know what it as exactly, but something was off. The buildup wasn’t there. Maybe because I didn’t want anything and my parents gave me my gift early. We didn’t have a tree on account of my cat. It would be a tossup of how she would kill herself first: hanging herself on the lights or getting electrocuted.

Maybe it was the weather. There was 0 snow on the ground. Christmas Eve was like 50 something degrees out. I like a white Christmas. No, it’s not cliché to want snow. And you can bitch about how cold it is and how hard it is to travel in the snow, but waking up to snow covered trees outside and pegging the first old person you see with a snowball sounds like Christmas to me.

All the radio stations had recycled Christmas songs done by the new Disney Stars of today. That skank Miley Cyrus twerked her way into a holiday album that has been done time after time. Even the Salvation Army seemed to not be in the holiday spirit. I saw one member by the Shoprite ringing a bell for donations. He want even smiling. He was just sprawled across a wood pile staring at the ground. I doubt the money even went somewhere. Probably just buy crack with it. Since he was white it’s not racist to say.

Christmas day consisted of a family ride up to Staten Island to see my family. I looked out the window and saw trees with leaves on them. Maybe that tool Al Sharpton was right about the world getting hotter…or was it Al Gore? Either way it didn’t make any sense outside.

We passed a white cross on the side of the road. Probably some kid cut down in the prime of his youth to an accident…lucky bastard. The sky was bright blue and beautiful. It looked more like the opening to the Simpson’s rather than Christmas in New Jersey.

On the plus side we cut down on the holiday cards in my house. What’s the point of them anyway? To let me know that you survived another year? And if I didn’t get a card would I even worry? If I have to be reminded every year of your existence then you don’t really matter that much to me. I only sent out about 7 “Merry Christmas” texts. No reason for my whole family to send 3 separate messages to the same person with “Merry Christmas!!!”

My uncle’s fence said it all. He had a “Beware Dog” sign on it, but there was a Christmas wreath covering the “Dog” part. So I read it as “Beware Christmas”. Maybe I wanted more this year. Maybe I just wanted to feel some holiday cheer. Maybe I just didn’t get into the spirit. Or maybe it’s a tumor and luckily I won’t have to endure this crap next year.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Joe Reyes

Larry Fitzgerald and Chris Bosh VS Hall of Fame









There is no question that these two men have Hall of Fame talent. When Bosh was on Toronto he had incredible numbers and was one of the best Power Forwards in the league. Fitzgerald has had up and down seasons because he had some terrible Quarterbacks around him. When Kurt Warner was giving the reins, Fitzgerald and the Cardinals went to the Superbowl. But with Warner retiring and Bosh taking a step back in Miami, both men have had subpar seasons at best.

The question is, do both men end up in the Hall of Fame? Fitzgerald has incredible talent and is a tough man to cover, but he doesn’t have a Quarterback. Without the Quarterback, you can be the most talented man on the planet, but still not get the ball.

Bosh took a cut in pay to play with LeBron James and Dwayne Wade and has also taken a step back in performance. Bosh knew his place on Miami. He was the 3rd best player on that team and played his role perfectly to achieve 2 championships.

The criteria for Hall of Fame isn’t “how good you can be” it is “how good you were”. Playing with a career with bad Quarterbacks do hurt your stats. Bosh does have rings, but came at the expense of his numbers going hysterically down.

Both men are deserving talent wise, but I think if you have to pause and look over their careers, then it’s a no. The Hall of Fame isn’t a collection of What Ifs. They are of players that were the man on their teams. Huge fan of both men, but can’t see them making the Hall of Fame. If they do, it won’t be on a 1st ballot.

Joe Reyes

Amare Stoudemire: In The Moment

I am a huge Stoudemire fan. I thought he was on pace for a Hall of Fame career, but I’m pretty sure the rest of his time in basketball will be plagued by injuries and marginal teams signing him. After a nagging back injury a few years back, Stoudemire hasn’t been 100% since.

Netflix features a very interesting documentary about Stoudemire and his road to recovery. But again, I feel that it will be all for nothing. When Stoudemire left the Phoenix Sun, he became the main man on the New York Knicks. Stoudemire was even having an MVP season in his first year with the Knicks.

The documentary shows Stoudemire’s training with Hall of Fame Center Hakeem Olajuwon. Most of Olajuwon’s game is faking defenders out with his footwork and scoring mostly uncontested. Olajuwon has basketball camps for NBA players and shows them how to play like he does.

Olajuwon showed Stoudemire over a dozen different moves and combinations. Stoudemire learned them all perfectly… the gym….with Olajuwon….not in a real game. In a real game Stoudemire is reduced to a 20 minute player a game. In the remaining years of his career I can see him being a 8 point scorer and grabbing maybe 7 rebounds a game. Not bad stats, but Stoudemire is getting paid way too much to be a bench player who comes in sparingly.

Stoudemire will never be at an All Star caliber again, but this was still an interesting documentary to check out. I give it a 5/5 for its insight into Stoudemire’s life and it does show a lot of his road to recovery. Even though I know it’s a futile effort, still a good watch.

Joe Reyes

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Legs Don’t Bend That Way!


As I write this I am still shaking from what I just saw. I just witnessed Paul George’s leg snap like a twig live on TV. The USA Men’s Qualifying team was playing a simple scrimmage and in one second the whole atmosphere changed. George went to block a simple layup, landed awkwardly and that was it. The bone popped right through the skin and my jaw hit the ground.

The game was called a few minutes after. The players all looked stunned and disgusted at the injury, as was I. It is sad to see George done for the Olympic tournament, but more importantly without a doubt out for the season.

I can see some kind of ramifications from this. I can see teams not wanting their star players enter this event, because an injury like this could happen at any moment. The Indian Pacers might not even make the Playoffs this season. After this injury, I can see some conflict of interests happening with teams letting their players attend this tournament.

Blake Griffin and Kevin Love didn’t take part in this event and looks to be for a good reason. So who knows what other star players might not attend after seeing what happened to George. Yes, you can get injured at any time, but can make the argument that more playing time puts you at more risk to injuries than not playing at all.

Joe Reyes


Julius Randle 7 Los Angeles Lakers


I LOVE Julius Randle. I think he is the best big man in the draft by far and an absolute steal of a pick by the Lakers. I remember looking at early draft boards and wondering why wasn’t Randle higher up? Guy just led his team into the National Championship, how did he slip so far?

He has NBA size and footwork. Give him a competent past first guard and his numbers will soar. If Steve Nash could stay healthy, look for Randle to be an early Rookie of the Year candidate. I think he will lead all Rookies in rebounds. Not in points. Playing with Kobe might diminish some early numbers for Randle.

Randle was a much better pick than Joel Embiid. Randle will most likely be a Power Forward for the bulk of his career. I think in the West you need a good combo of size on your front line. If Pau Gasol leaves then the Lakers will be put in a tight spot. Either way, Randle will be a star in this league.

Joe Reyes

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Marcus Smart 6 Boston Celtics

I would’ve drafted him number 2 overall. I think Smart is better than Jabari Parker and will impact the Celtics more than Parker will on the Bucks. Granted I would’ve liked the Celtics to have drafted Julius Randle instead of Smart. I would’ve thought that a big man is what the Celtics needed over a guard right now. Maybe the Celtics don’t know if Rajon Rondo will be on the squad next season, so Smart would be a smart pick up (no pun intended).

I would like to see his Assists go up. I think if Rondo was to leave then they need a pass first guard like him to fill the void. Smart was a high octane scorer on Oklahoma State. He is a great shooter and can drive to the lane a lot quicker than he is given credit for. Although there was that one incident where he pushed a fan, but that wouldn’t stop me from drafting him.

I can see Smart turning into a star quickly in this league. The problem will be surrounding him with the pieces he needs to run the team if needed. Danny Ainge will have to make trades according, but even with Rondo gone, the Celtics still have their point guard for the future.

Joe Reyes

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