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Why “Avengers: Infinity War” Could Go Horribly Wrong

It mainly depends on how closely the writers will follow to series The Infinity Gauntlet. The Marvel franchise has been building up to the Infinity Wars after the first Avengers movie showed the villain Thanos at the end.

Thanos is a superpower villain who wants to acquire a gauntlet filled with the Infinity Stones. Each one has immense powers and when combined the wielder is unbeatable. That is the problem right there. I said the wielder is “unbeatable”.

In the comic book series, Thanos wasn’t defeated and he annihilated every hero that challenged him. Thor got turned into glass and was shattered. Wolverine had his bones turned into rubber. Iron Man got his head ripped off. The Hulk only survived because Thanos shot him somewhere else. I think Marvel screwed themselves by creating a gauntlet that can give a single person so much power.

In the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, we see “1” stone in action. There was a flashback that explained how powerful a single stone can be… blew up a planet. In the series The Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos made half the people on Earth disappear with a snap of his fingers. Later he yelled and a nearby sun exploded.

So my problem is, there is no way to beat Thanos when he has the gauntlet. In the series they had to try to snatch it from him. The plan to assemble these heroes together wasn’t to beat Thanos; it was to survive long enough to snatch the gauntlet.

But there is more to my complaints than the gauntlet that has literally “infinite” power. The story itself I found to like a therapy session you are witnessing. Thanos, even though he is so powerful, came off as sad in the series.

Thanos was in love with Death herself and did things to try to impress her. He tortured people in front of Death and made half the world vanish just for her approval. Thanos even went as far to build a shrine to her out of a moon.

Death didn’t even speak a word in his direction. It just got sadder and sadder as the story went on because there was nothing he could do to make her happy. It was depressing at times and I wanted to scream “just love him you bitch!” but it didn’t happen.

Most of the series was about Thanos and his failed attempts with Death. Not really the action packed drama that you would hope to see in a Marvel movie, any movie that is about superheroes for that matter.

There is a final 3rd reason why I don’t think this movie will be great if they follow the book series. Thanos didn’t have an army. It was just him battling the heroes, mainly because he didn’t need an army. You’re just watching Thanos get bum rushed by the heroes and then die with little effort on the part of Thanos. In the Avengers movie, Loki brought an army with him that kept the Avengers that were not fighting Loki busy.

I don’t think the writers could follow most of the Infinity Gauntlet series. There is just too much boring dribble that will clutter the bulk of the movie. I would say ways to make the story better, but the fact that the gauntlet is that powerful is too much of a plot point to gloss over. They can’t make the gauntlet less powerful all of a sudden to make it an even playing field, so I think Marvel screwed themselves too early.

Joe Reyes





This movie was a complete and utter disaster. From the plotline all the way down to the ending, Snowpiercer is a fiasco on all fronts. The movie takes place primarily on a moving train. The world is frozen over and humanity’s last hope is a self-sustaining invincible train that houses around a thousand people. The front of the train houses the rich while the tail end houses the poor.

The train travels across the world. Literally bridges are built across the water connecting to the other continents. What I don’t understand is if you built this impervious train that can withstand the frozen wasteland…..why just build a building that does the same thing? But that’s the least of this movie’s many faults.

The movie starts off in a prison break style. Curtis, the leader of this rebellion, gathers the tail end passengers to take the front of the train. This was actually interesting. Curtis had to plan out how to get through the heavily armored guards and giant metal doors.

Eventually this movie turns into a videogame-esk, in the sense that Curtis and his people fight wave after wave of enemies. Because since it’s a train, thus it is a direct path from point A to point B. In one scene the rebellion opens a door and an army of ax wielding fishermen all dressed in black are just there waiting for them.

After a medieval style battle, the train goes into a long tunnel, but thankfully the fishermen have their handy night vision goggles ready to be used at a moment’s notice. Somehow Curtis isn’t killed in this scene even though he is in the front line and the fishermen are just chopping through the rebellion. But Curtis luckily is able to shout to the other end (literally the other end of the train) to a boy who has the last pack of matches in existence to lite a series of torches to combat the night vision wearing fishermen. This scene could’ve been easily corrected by simply letting Curtis have the matches in his pocket and he lights the rags on fire.

Then it’s just train car after train car of gauntlet style choices and fight sequences. You see schools, an aquarium, dance clubs, saunas, until eventually reaching the front of the train to meet the conductor, a man named Wilford.

I don’t know what the plan was at this point. Was it to overthrown Wilford, was Curtis supposed to take over and then what? It’s a self-sustaining train on an endless loop around the world. There isn’t much need for a regime change. From the looks of it, the poor are…well poor, and the rich are richer obviously.

Was the plan to stop the train and venture out? Maybe get some more resources in a destroyed city. That would be my plan. Actually, my plan would be to have made a building and not a train. I know it’s an invincible train, but you are going on frozen tracks, sometimes high above the ocean. Sometimes the train has to barrel through ice pillars on the tracks.

And how does, arguably the worst movie of the year, end you ask? Remember, the world is frozen over. Most of the human race is destroyed. So humanities best hope to go on resides in this train. They blow up the @#$%ing train.

I don’t think a rating is necessary for this movie. I would’ve give it a 1 on action and the first 10 minutes of the movie. The planning was pretty cool, but when you learn the plan of Wilford…its just a disaster.

Joe Reyes



Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2)

I was a big fan of the first novel, but this one has barely any reason for happening. There is a great set up that leads to the Hunger Games, but after learning why everything has happened there was no point to it. Only the last few chapters were significance and lead to the final book in the series.
That is the biggest problem I had with this story. It was incredible. Reading 90% of this book was amazing, but it was that last 10% that killed this novel for me.
The spoiler I will give is that there is a revolution brewing and the rebellion wants Katness as the symbol of it. Why is she the games then? They didn’t need her to be in the games to strengthen the cause. It was terrible to string her along to just let her know at the end that “you are very important”. I can’t write further without spoiling it further.
Joe Reyes

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)

The story concept and character progressions are what make this a great series. I’m still going to give it a good rating 3/5, but a lot of the time there is unneeded dialogue and drawn out situations. Another problem I had with the series is that they add too many characters and give them each their own chapters and story lines. Some characters are boring to read, but all serve a purpose and show a much needed point of view in the grand scheme of things. The novels and the show are perfectly synced together, but the problem is they both face the same problems of unneeded situations. I recommend this series, but don’t believe it is the incredible hyped up super series that many people are saying it is.

Joe Reyes


Hunger Games Review

I was surprised that a book about the gladiatory style of murdering adolescents wasn’t that violent of a story at all. Which was good. I don’t want to read about how Tiny Tim got his throat slit with heavy detail. The Hunger Games is a cleverly written novel that the movie has captured perfectly. Suzanne Collins takes an interesting approach about the government ruling over its people in a new and sinister way.

After a massive uprising against the government, the rebellion was crushed miserably. As penance for the revolution, the government has created the Hunger Games, which is a fight to the death of chosen children from the remaining Districts.

2 children are taken from each District and thrown into the games every year. This is to remind the people of the world “Don’t @#$% with the government”.

The story follows the point of view of Katniss Everdeen, a girl who volunteers to be put into the Hunger Games after her younger sister is picked. She puts on a brave face throughout her times before the game, but the first person view lets you know what exactly is going through her mind. The movie cannot portray those feelings.

The only problem I had with the book, but still makes sense as I write this in the grant scheme of the story, is that one child survives at the end of the Games. I thought it would make sense to have the “pair” of chosen children get to survive the games. But that could just be the makers of the Games creating an even more sinister games.

Imagine killing your neighbor, or your neighbors child? Makes the Games take on a worse look to them.

This was a great novel which sets a solid tone for the rest of the series. Hope you check it out as well. 4/5

Joe Reyes

Diary of the Invader

They say you don’t dream when you’re in cryostasis, but when I woke up I wished I was still dreaming. The pod took a few minute to open. They wanted your eyes to adjust before the bright lights blinded you. Nothing was more important to a soldier than his eyes. Soldier….more like murders. This isn’t war, this was extermination.

“It has to be done” is what our commander kept telling us in the briefing. He made it sound like we didn’t have a choice, but we did. We could’ve combed the galaxy looking for a desolate planet that wasn’t really inhabited. We chose Earth because it was just like Temen. It had the same air, we drank water like them and the changing seasons led to different foods being grown.

So it’s not personal. We aren’t a war driven race whose only goal is proving that we are the toughest in the galaxy. I like to think we evolved above that. When they showed the first pictures of the invasion, our people cheered in the streets. Not me though, all I saw were thousands killed in the blink of an eye. They never stood a chance. We came one day and just started shooting. I don’t think there were any negotiations or any peace talks.

All I thought about was my family. As soon as we had a child I was called into service. “It has to be done” my commander told me again. It was like his catch phrase. Every question I had was answered with that same phrase. I’ve been in cryo for about 1 year. Who knows what I missed? Before we found Earth, we were living in space stations. We literally watched our planet tear to pieces before our eyes.

I felt sick, not because of reminiscing in the past, but physically sick. Before being put under, we were injected with most of the sicknesses the humans possessed. The idea was that the years in cryo would build up our immune system and cure us of the diseases. 5 years is long enough for our bodies to build up immunity to the illnesses. I guess I had some lingering effects from a cold.

“Opening pods!” the technician shouted.

I sighed and closed my eyes. I tried to recite the battle plans again, but for some reason couldn’t. I was a little nervous, probably because this wasn’t something I wanted to do. Again the words of my commander rang in my head, “It has to be done”.

“It’s us or them” I kept telling myself as I heard the nearby pods open up. I knew the best thing to do was do my job quickly, so the inhabitants won’t suffer long. I heard the mechanisms in my pod move and the door opened. A bright light shined in my eyes. I looked around and saw thousand like me emerge from their pods. I sighed again. It’s going to be a short war.

Joe Reyes

This was just a simple short story I came up with.