Godzilla All Hype And No Bite

It’s very rare for me to want to walk out of a movie, that pretty much sums up how I felt about this movie. After weeks and weeks of buildup, Godzilla didn’t deliver. The monster itself looked amazing. The action scenes were pretty entertaining, but were mostly dark. For some reason they couldn’t make this a daylight fight.

I’m about to sound very hypocritical. The direction the movie took was exactly the way I wanted it to go. I like movies where they explain why things are the way they are. I didn’t want Godzilla to appear without any background. So they did everything I wanted to happen in the movie, just did a horrible job of doing it.

It was a very slow movie. Some scenes were just drawn out for no reason. I felt really bored at times. I had a headache walking out of the theater and felt so let down by the makers of this movie. Bryan Cranston gave a great performance. I wasn’t bored watching scenes with him in it.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson on the other hand was just awful. I felt 0 emotion when he was on camera. One scene was terribly misacted. He was on the phone with his wife who just learned about the monster and was tearfully pleading with him to come home soon. Johnson barely blinked his eyes.

The trailers made this movie look amazing. Almost an instant classic with new sequels coming out every other year. The interesting thing I’ve observed from hearing reactions that this movie was a 50/50 split. Either you hated it or you loved it. The early reviews of the movie were Oscar worthy positive. I read some newspapers that gave it 9/10.

I’m here to give it a 2/5. The graphics were incredible, the action was great and the direction was interesting. Not the director or the story per say. I liked the direction the story was trying to go, but they collapsed early on. The writers let Godzilla survive in the end yet they killed any chance of another movie to follow.

Joe Reyes