Why “Avengers: Infinity War” Could Go Horribly Wrong

It mainly depends on how closely the writers will follow to series The Infinity Gauntlet. The Marvel franchise has been building up to the Infinity Wars after the first Avengers movie showed the villain Thanos at the end.

Thanos is a superpower villain who wants to acquire a gauntlet filled with the Infinity Stones. Each one has immense powers and when combined the wielder is unbeatable. That is the problem right there. I said the wielder is “unbeatable”.

In the comic book series, Thanos wasn’t defeated and he annihilated every hero that challenged him. Thor got turned into glass and was shattered. Wolverine had his bones turned into rubber. Iron Man got his head ripped off. The Hulk only survived because Thanos shot him somewhere else. I think Marvel screwed themselves by creating a gauntlet that can give a single person so much power.

In the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, we see “1” stone in action. There was a flashback that explained how powerful a single stone can be…..it blew up a planet. In the series The Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos made half the people on Earth disappear with a snap of his fingers. Later he yelled and a nearby sun exploded.

So my problem is, there is no way to beat Thanos when he has the gauntlet. In the series they had to try to snatch it from him. The plan to assemble these heroes together wasn’t to beat Thanos; it was to survive long enough to snatch the gauntlet.

But there is more to my complaints than the gauntlet that has literally “infinite” power. The story itself I found to like a therapy session you are witnessing. Thanos, even though he is so powerful, came off as sad in the series.

Thanos was in love with Death herself and did things to try to impress her. He tortured people in front of Death and made half the world vanish just for her approval. Thanos even went as far to build a shrine to her out of a moon.

Death didn’t even speak a word in his direction. It just got sadder and sadder as the story went on because there was nothing he could do to make her happy. It was depressing at times and I wanted to scream “just love him you bitch!” but it didn’t happen.

Most of the series was about Thanos and his failed attempts with Death. Not really the action packed drama that you would hope to see in a Marvel movie, any movie that is about superheroes for that matter.

There is a final 3rd reason why I don’t think this movie will be great if they follow the book series. Thanos didn’t have an army. It was just him battling the heroes, mainly because he didn’t need an army. You’re just watching Thanos get bum rushed by the heroes and then die with little effort on the part of Thanos. In the Avengers movie, Loki brought an army with him that kept the Avengers that were not fighting Loki busy.

I don’t think the writers could follow most of the Infinity Gauntlet series. There is just too much boring dribble that will clutter the bulk of the movie. I would say ways to make the story better, but the fact that the gauntlet is that powerful is too much of a plot point to gloss over. They can’t make the gauntlet less powerful all of a sudden to make it an even playing field, so I think Marvel screwed themselves too early.

Joe Reyes




Guardians Of The Galaxy

My God this movie looks awful. I don’t like to start off a post being that negative, but I really hate seeing the trailers of this movie. It looks to be a terrible movie. The direction looks horrible and the characters are so unlikable that there doesn’t look to be many redeeming qualities to this movie. My biggest problem is that the characters look so dumb. I mean there is a raccoon with a machine gun, a tree, and just other random people.

Yes I know all I have to go on is the trailer, but the trailers really do set the tone for a movie. The only reason I might see this movie is because it ties into the Avengers and the Thanos saga. So I’m very hypocritical in my article because I will end up seeing this movie at one point.

So I’ll be writing my full review on this movie when I see it. Guardians of the Galaxy comes out August 1st, so…..who knows how it’ll turn out.

Joe Reyes


Batman: The Brave And The Bold

This show started off great and then ended abruptly. Also the writers took a shot at the company for cutting the show with the final episode. But before that I’ll dive into what this show was and the significance of it.

The Brave And The Bold pairs Batman with a different D.C hero every episode, from the classics like Superman to the more obscure like Space Ghost. The show is very comical, but actioned packed. The idea of adding a secondary hero puts Batman into different situations fighting different enemies.

The only problem I had with the show was how it ended. There is a character Bat-Mite, who has immense psychic powers and observes Batman as if he is watching a TV show, which he pretty much is and talks to the audience at times.

Bat-Mite wanted a darker Batman show filled with more serious situations, so he used his powers to find ways to get the show canceled. He created situations that would make viewers stop watching, thus ending the show. While watching the episode I lost interest and wanted to change it and they even showed fans at home watching the show changing the channels.

In the end Bat-Mite won. The show was canceled and a new Batman show was created. The problem was that Bat-Mite started to fade away. The purpose being that Bat-Mite was deemed a “silly” character and wouldn’t be used in the new darker Batman. Before fading away, Bat-Mite realized the error in his ways and the significance of a more “silly” Batman show.

In the final scene, Batman and the rest of the characters are having a going away party in the Bat Cave. Batman looks to the camera and gives a tearful goodbye to his fans and thanks them for watching his show. I was moved by this and also saw the purpose of a “silly” Batman show.

The company made a very big mistake getting rid of this show. It was entertaining , it made you laugh and more importantly it showcased heroes you wouldn’t normally see. D.C comics have created a lot of different characters. Some interesting and some left on the back shelves. This show shed light on a few forgotten heroes.

I give it a 5/5. Not only for its comedic yet action packed episodes, but for the purpose of the show itself. Check it out on Netflix.

Joe Reyes




X-Men Days Of Future Past

I want to start off by saying that I loved this movie. I had many questions going into this movie and not many were answered towards the end of it, but baring that I absolutely loved this movie. Marvel has taken an interesting approach to this movie. The storyline spans decades into the past and future. Using characters and actors from the original X-Men movies and ones from the new adaptations.

The story starts off a few years from now. The world is a desolate place controlled by Sentinels, gigantic robots with an arsenal of weaponry that has 0 equal. The Sentinels can also adapt to any situation as well making them almost impossible for the mutants to defeat. Both humans and mutants are targeted by the Sentinels.

A small group of X-Men survived the onslaught of the Sentinels and have been trying to find a way to defeat the Sentinels. All attempts lead to them all being destroyed. Their only saving grace is the ability to send one X-Man back in time a few days before to warn themselves of the Sentinels are coming. The remaining few are constantly on the move.

Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) have the idea of trying to send someone’s conscious back decades into the past to stop the Sentinels from wreaking havoc. The only mutant who can survive travel back in time is Logan (Wolverine), due to his healing ability. A normal persona brain would be ripped apart, so Logan is the clear choice.

Reluctantly Logan wakes up in his former self and is tasked with finding a young Xavier and asking him for his help. Xavier back then was a broken man filled with grief and depression. In the last instalment (X-Men First Class) Xavier was paralyzed and his long time best friend Raven (Mystique) left to accompany Magneto.

The moment in the past Logan was sent to stop was the assassination of Bolivar Trask, the creator of the Sentinels, by Mystique. Trask is a scientist who believes mutants are humanities greatest threat and would stop at nothing to see their annihilation. Mystique has been acting alone since Magneto has been imprisoned for the assassination of JFK.

The movie keeps a very good balance between past and present scenes, making sure all characters get their due justice. I give this movie a 5/5. It delivered on all aspects and the storyline is very unique. I wanted to give my rating now before I state the questions I had.

  1. Where did Kitty Pryde get the powers to send Logan back? I thought her only power was the ability to phase through walls and other solid objects. But she magically has the ability to touch your temples and send someone’s conscious back in time? Many she was always able to do that and I had no idea, but just seemed weird I never heard of those powers of her.
  2. Why put Havok in the movie? He had a big part in X-Men First Class, but in Days of Future Past he was in one scene. One simple scene? It wasn’t even like “Oh no we have a problem; thank God Havok is here to save the day!” Just seemed like a total waste of time for the actor and the company to put him in it. They explained in the movie that some of the X-Men were killed early on, so why not just kill off Havok?
  3. Where did all the Sentinels come from? This is the biggest question I had because the X-Men cartoon show in the 90s explained that. In the cartoon, there was a super Sentinel named Master Mold. He was literally a giant Sentinel that was constantly building the Sentinels. His chest would open up and out would pop another one. He was pretty much a giant factory built by Trask in the show. There were seemingly hundreds of Sentinels in some scenes, so where did they come from?
  4. If the Sentinels were targeting humans, then why did the humans keep building them? We learn from the beginning that the Sentinels started off targeting mutants and then started targeting humans with the mutant recessive trait that they could pass to their offspring. So why keep building them? Was there some kind of moment when the humans were being targeted the Sentinels said “Mutant trait detected” and then they opened fire on the humans?

Even though I had questions, I still loved this movie. I thought the ending was a little flat at the final scenes, but really enjoyed it. Make sure to stay for the ending credits for a scene that lead to another X-Men movie. Again, a 5/5 and a must see for X-Men fans.

Joe Reyes




Very powerful character. She doesn’t do much for the team, but her attacks do enough to want to recruit her. She starts off strong and gets stronger with every level up. I would defiantly pick her up. When she gets to level 9 she can do an attack that can kill all the enemies in one strike.

Her best and only Perk is when an ally dies; it comes back with 25% health. That is a huge Perk but her only Perk that’s worth picking her up for. Again, I would pick her up and she doesn’t cost a lot of Command Points to get.

Joe Reyes



It’s really strange, he has all these Perks yet none of them really amount to anything. They boost the stats a little, but not enough that I’m blown away with him. He’s just a really odd character to use and I’m confused of why they even made him to begin with.

His attacks don’t do much. They all do something, but not a great deal of something. Some may increase attack by a little, some may stun, but they don’t do enough to control a match. Not worth it, especially for 90 Command Points.

Joe Reyes

Luke Cage

Can’t Bleed, can’t really do much else in terms of Perks. BUT, he can Protect your allies. He takes a lot of damage and deals out just as much. He can combo his attacks and even attack all enemies at once.

He is powerful, but you have to level him up to get a full taste of what he can do. He doesn’t impress early on, but can defeat harder bosses and take their best attacks without dying. I wouldn’t get him, but it’s not a terrible pick up.

Joe Reyes