Love Me Some Basketball

basetball and poop dont mix


Batman: Assault on Arkham

After seeing the animated movie I doubt the live action one would be as good. Assault on Arkham is about the Suicide Squad, a team assembled by Amanda Waller comprised of ex-super villains. Walker wants to assassinate the Riddler who is imprisoned in Arkham.

Deadshot is captured and put in charge of the Squad. All the members are there for their specific skills and knowledge of the situation. Harley Quinn used to work in Arkham and is able to give an entire layout of the prison. Captain Boomerang, Black Spider, Killer Frost and King Shark are brought on help in the escape.

Each member is implanted with a bomb in their neck to insure that Walker is in charge and that no member deviates from the plan. KGBreast is on the team for a short time, but tests Walker and is the first to get their head blown off.

The big question on the whole teams mind is, “What about Batman?”. Walker lets the Squad know that Batman is apparently on another case. The Joker hid a dirty bomb somewhere in Gotham and Batman has been tearing the city apart trying to find it.

The Squads mission and Batman’s search both cross paths when the Squad encounters the Joker in Arkham. Quinn has finally left the Joker after his last beating and is at wits end when she encounters him. Deadshot is a solid leader and does the best he can with the band of rag tag degenerates.

Assault on Arkham is an incredible movie that is well thought out. Better than any of the Christopher Nolan movies. The characters are all out for themselves secretly and all have great personalities. The action is intense and even though this is a cartoon movie, it is in no way intended for children.

There aren’t many plot holes in this movie and very little room for change. The concept is solid and the only problem I had was it wasn’t long enough. I give it a perfect 5/5 and a must see for DC and Batman fans.

Joe Reyes



After we got Netflix I realized that I will never learn the channels on my TV. There is no reason to if you have Netflix. There are thousands upon thousands of movies and TV shows on it. My first night with after installing it, it took me 45 minutes to figure out what to watch.

That’s how many different choices there are. For $7.99 a month, it’s well worth it. Now that price gets for the streaming. That allows you to go on your computer or TV adaptor that lets you access the internet. This gives you almost everything you ever wanted to watch.

“Almost” was the key word. They don’t have every movie and show on that. You pay another $7.99 and that allows you to have movies and shows sent to your house. You might think you’re getting the low end of the deal with the streaming, but your defiantly not.

Steaming alone grants you access to almost anything you want. Hit movies, Oscar winners, shows from decades ago and recent episodes are all accessible. There is nothing to lose by getting Netflix and they keep on adding more and more every day.

Joe Reyes