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Amare Stoudemire: In The Moment

I am a huge Stoudemire fan. I thought he was on pace for a Hall of Fame career, but I’m pretty sure the rest of his time in basketball will be plagued by injuries and marginal teams signing him. After a nagging back injury a few years back, Stoudemire hasn’t been 100% since.

Netflix features a very interesting documentary about Stoudemire and his road to recovery. But again, I feel that it will be all for nothing. When Stoudemire left the Phoenix Sun, he became the main man on the New York Knicks. Stoudemire was even having an MVP season in his first year with the Knicks.

The documentary shows Stoudemire’s training with Hall of Fame Center Hakeem Olajuwon. Most of Olajuwon’s game is faking defenders out with his footwork and scoring mostly uncontested. Olajuwon has basketball camps for NBA players and shows them how to play like he does.

Olajuwon showed Stoudemire over a dozen different moves and combinations. Stoudemire learned them all perfectly… the gym….with Olajuwon….not in a real game. In a real game Stoudemire is reduced to a 20 minute player a game. In the remaining years of his career I can see him being a 8 point scorer and grabbing maybe 7 rebounds a game. Not bad stats, but Stoudemire is getting paid way too much to be a bench player who comes in sparingly.

Stoudemire will never be at an All Star caliber again, but this was still an interesting documentary to check out. I give it a 5/5 for its insight into Stoudemire’s life and it does show a lot of his road to recovery. Even though I know it’s a futile effort, still a good watch.

Joe Reyes

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How To Beat Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is undefeated (46-0) and has picked apart every challenger that has stepped into the ring against him. I believe that I have the formula that can defeat Mayweather. I’ve watched every Mayweather since 2007 (when he defeated Oscar De La Hoya) and have seen that every fighter tries to out box Mayweather.

Mayweather is a defensive mastermind and fights primarily waiting for his opponent to attack and then counter with a barrage of quick punches. Opponent after opponent has tried the same strategy and failed miserably.

The Saúl Álvarez fight was a utter bore fest. There was maybe a slight flash of entertainment when Alvarez would throw some hard punches and Mayweather would try to escape, but the fight was mostly Mayweather waiting and then countering. Seems Alvarez and his corner had a strategy, but wouldn’t you change it up by round 7 if it wasn’t working?

I’m going to use 2 quotes to that will help me explain my formula to beat Mayweather. The first quote is taken from the movie Miracle (2004). In one scene Kurt Russell is explains his strategy to beat the Russian team in the Olympics.

“You must attack them,” Russell explained. That’s the only way someone can beat Mayweather. You can’t play the defense game against him and try to out box Mayweather. You must come forward constantly and keep throwing punches. You have to make Mayweather uncomfortable and constantly put the pressure on him.

The second quote is from the movie Cinderella Man (2005). Paul Giamatti explains to Russell Crowe how to win the fight. “Don’t fight this fight his way make him fight your way,” Giamatti says. You have to dictate how the fight is fought. You can’t wait back for Mayweather to make a move. You have to control the pace and way this fight is fought.

So let me know what you think. Is this how to beat Mayweather? Or does someone have a different way?

Joe Reyes

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Genetically Engineered Food

This was a letter I wrote after participating in a movement to stop food from being genetically altered. It’s actually a bigger problem than you would imagine. Food processors are putting things in our food that we don’t know about. The pictures I didn’t put in the letter obviously. Just having a little bit of fun.

Dear (Not putting their name)

I must admit that I didn’t fully know what was being put into our food until I researched it for myself. Many Americans have no idea what is being put into our food and read the Nutritional Ingredient section with little to no knowledge of what all of that even means. Most people today get health tips from daytime television or know someone who can actually translate what these words mean.

Everyone knows cigarettes are bad for us, but people stupidly do it anyway. Fast food is processed food with all types of chemicals included that mostly harm the body instead of giving us the nutrients in order for a healthy meal.

So in turn we go to our local food stores and take solace in the idea that what we buy on the shelves isn’t going to harm us. Little do we know that the tiny print and unpronounceable words on the boxes hold a darker secret to them.

The idea that most of these ingredients aren’t even tested is a scary thought to conceive and we don’t know the long term effects until it is sadly too late. Top foods like corn, soy, potatoes, rice, and even some dairy products have these genetically engineered ingredients and we don’t even know about. Some products aren’t even properly labeled so that people who do research what they eat are literally eating blind.

Americans are sadly blind to this realization, but you can help unveil the truth and even save a few lives in the long term. If you can help support A1359/S91, this would help label genetically engineered foods sold in New Jersey so the public could fully know what they are consuming.

I do hope my words do not fall upon deaf ears and that you can help support the cause that Food & Water Watch has started.


Joe Reyes



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Living Vicariously Through Our Cars? (In a Sense)

This might sound crazy, but this is an observation I’ve noticed during my years of driving. So, just to be clear, what do I mean by ‘vicariously’? Let’s look at it like this. Whether you’re wearing your seat belt or not, we’re being confined into one place, our cars. While we are confined to the inside, our environment outside is constantly changing. So much is going on around us at any given time.

Some people are driving slow, fast etc. For the most part we like to be in control of things, but then again we aren’t. We don’t have control over those around us. You see, what we do have is SOME control over the people around us. When two people lack ability to accept the control of others, we have accidents.

Often we feel disrespected when someone cuts us off. We get mad. We put that pedal to the ground and tell our car to move faster. Isn’t that vicarious in a sense? Aside from pressing on the gas and brakes, and steering of course. We aren’t actually going anywhere if that makes sense.

To further explain this perspective. When we are walking, running, skipping etc. We are actually using our bodies to get from one place to another. It is US that are moving through the world. That’s what I would call the difference in this situation.

When it comes to our cars we are controlling this external thing that’s doing what we say, so that we get to where we need to be. Isn’t this vicarious? In a sense? Now while I do not necessarily know why I made this observation, and needed to point it out isn’t all that clear to me. This is only a perspective. In no way am I confining myself to this observation/perspective, because then anything else I say wouldn’t be me…..I’d be contradicting myself, but then again…. since it’s not actually me, it’s vicarious…. IN A SENSE.

Darnell Ortega

Not Toned

This is going to sound really weird, but it’s something that I don’t understand. I don’t understand why wrestlers/actors, who primarily aren’t wearing a shirt don’t look good. In a world where we have trainers and nutritionists and gyms popping up everywhere, why don’t these guys at least tone up?

Has the Miz ever heard of a sit-up?  I just don’t understand how if you don’t look good without your shirt on, then why have it off. A lot of these wrestlers today look like lazy slobs. Their guts are hanging out over their belts. It doesn’t make any damn sense to me.

This is a picture of me without a shirt. If I was going to go on national television without a shirt then I’d hit the gym a lot more. At best I would just try and get more defined. That could be easily accomplished with a few squat thrust and some more bench presses.

Even on one of my favorite show Spartacus the actors don’t look really bulked up. Characters like this just confuse me. You’re an actor. A very rich actor, who has access to gyms and trainers. Why then wouldn’t you want to looked toned for the part. You’re playing a gladiator! At least try and look the part.

Joe Reyes