Love Me Some Basketball

basetball and poop dont mix


And The Rockets Win BIG!!!!

Dwight Howard has just announced he has chosen the Houston Rockets as the team he will sign with. This is a huge move for Houston, BUT they gotta make sure they keep their core players. There are still rumors of a sign and trade deal that still may happen.

That means that the Lakers will sign him to a big contract and then trade him to get some pieces in return. You can’t just let a player like Howard walk and be left with nothing. Many times we see teams acquire a big name player and then trade all assets that made them a contender to begin with.

The Rockets are now in a prime position to compete for a title. James Harden is a huge piece that can not only knock down the big shot, but also not make Dwight have to be “the guy”. I don’t think they will win a title, still going with Miami, but the Rockets will be up there as the team to watch.

Free Agency isn’t done just yet for the Rockets. They need just a little bit more in order to be the clear cut favorite. They are now tougher inside, but they just need that one piece to bring it all home. Maybe they have that piece already and they just don’t know it.

Overall I like the deal with the Rockets now, but like I said earlier, barring how the deal goes down. If the Lakers end up getting some key pieces then I don’t see the Rockets as the favorite. But right now they sure look like it.

Joe Reyes