Tony Jaa vs. Scott Adkins

This isn’t a VS of who would win in a fight because CLEARLY Scott Adkins would wipe the floor with Tony Jaa. This is more of “Who’s Movies Suck The Least” type of article. Both actors have pretty damn bad movies. The only redeeming qualities of both careers are the awesome fight scenes that take up the bulk of their movies.

Tony Jaa has the Ong Bak series…which started off as a movie about underground street fighting and stolen ancient artifacts. The last 2 movies had absolutely nothing to with the first one at all. In fact the last 2 movies take place in a different era and have 0 to do with anything. It was a pretty terrible movie that….was just a flat out disaster.

The Protector was about stolen elephants and the second one took a Hangover 2 blueprint and made the plotline about stolen elephants. Equally a terrible pair of movies in their own right.

Scott Adkins filled our screens with…..I guess Ninja was his big series. Also Undisputed was kinda good, but it was still pretty bad as well. Adkins was the villain in that movie and still the villain in the second one, but was the good character by process of elimination. Bad characters surrounded by worse character I guess.

You know what…..I don’t know where I’m going with this one. Both actors have amazing martial arts skills, but waste their talents on terrible bit movies that usually come straight to DVD. They need better agents if anything.

I guess Adkins had the better career because I’m in America. His movies are easier to find than Jaa’s. I guess if I lived in Korea or China…..or Thailand (just to be safe) where Jaa’s movies come out then it would be easier to find his movies.

Nobody wins this one.

Joe Reyes



A Complete 180: Guardians Of The Galaxy

I went from not wanting to see this movie to absolutely LOVING IT! I wrote an article about the trailer before the movie came out. I talked about how terrible the movie looked and how unlikable the characters were. I don’t take back what I said, the trailer was terrible, but the movie itself was incredible. Dare I say better than the Avengers?

I think I had more fun watching Guardians of the Galaxy than the Avengers movie. The movie was incredibly funny in a generic way and not just filled with stupid one liners. The comedy flows perfectly from the characters personalities.

The story follows Peter Quill, a self-proclaimed badass who finds treasures and sells them throughout the galaxy. He calls himself Starlord even though nobody does or barely even knows his name.

While on a mission, Quill finds a metal ball containing a very powerful stone called an Infinity Stone. A creature called Ronan the Accuser is after the Infinity Stones as well. Ronan gets word that Quill has found a stone and sends his most trusted warrior, Gamora, to retrieve the stone.

While trying to sell the stone, Quill is attacked by a pair of bounty hunters, Groot and Rocket. Groot is a living tree who can only say the words “I am Groot”. Rocket is a genetically altered raccoon who is a total badass, but has a very touching pair of moments. Gamora finds herself perfectly in the mix right as Quill is being captured by Groot and Rocket.

While in a space prison, the four characters discuss selling the stone and splitting the profits. Rocket comes up with a plan to escape the prison. They meet up with the final member of their group. A vengeful man named Drax who has a personal mission to kill Drax himself for killing his family years ago.

I was completely blown away by this movie. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun in a theater before. Even though I still think Captain America 2 is the best Marvel movie ever made, Guardians of the Galaxy takes a narrowly close second place with a 5/5.

Joe Reyes