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This Can Only End Bad

I saw a commercial that talks about how you can sync your phone to the utilities in your home. It even tells you that you can unlock your door by simply pressing a button on your phone. I think the risk outweighs the convenience by a lot.

For starts, your phone is a computer. If someone can hack into your email or bank account, then what’s saying that this can’t happen to your phone? Someone can hack your phone and simply let themselves in with the click of a button. Farfetched? Not at all. I remember hearing about how Facebook was hacked and people’s statuses were changed and material was deleted.

My friend’s uncle was thought to be dead because someone hacked his daughters account and the hacker put something about how her father died. Obviously it was found out later on that he was alive, but just the initial idea that computers aren’t a very secure thing anymore.

I just can’t see anything positive coming out from this. And I can easily see something bad happening and then, and only then, will people see that this is a bad idea.

Joe Reyes