I’m Sorry That It’s Not My Fault

“I’d like to apologize to my teammates, coaches, the Cleveland Browns organization and our fans. I am very disappointed that the NFL and its hearing office didn’t exercise better discretion and judgment in my case. I would like to sincerely thank the people who have been incredibly supportive of me during this challenging time, including my family, my agent, my union, my legal team, and the Cleveland Browns staff,”

                                                                           Josh Gordon

Hmmmm….I don’t see the part where he acknowledges his dumb actions and takes responsibilities for his mistakes, past and present. Josh Gordon has been pulling this baby like act for his whole football career.

Gordon smoked marijuana in high school, got suspended for it in college, switched teams because of his drug use and is now getting suspended for an entire year, but still manages TO FIND THE BALLS to pretty much say “Hey wasn’t my fault,”.

I hope Josh Gordon never plays another snap in football ever again. Gordon simply doesn’t deserve it. Sure he put up great numbers last season (missing a pair of games for drug use again), but it doesn’t matter. This is a man (a grown man and not a child) who simply doesn’t get it.

I don’t think this suspension will solve anything. Yes, it would be nice if he has a Cris Carter type of awakening, but I doubt it. I am closing the door on Gordon. Last season Gordon might’ve put himself into the elite category of receivers (ever more impressive because he is a member of the Browns), but it doesn’t amount for a thing right now. The league suspended him without blinking and they had the right too.

The NFL will find a new star quickly, like they always do, and put the memory of Gordon in the rear view mirror. Hopefully, the next football prospect will think twice about smoking marijuana or doing any type of illegal substance. Maybe Gordon’s dumb, selfish actions will actually save a young player’s career.

No one player is above the might of the NFL shield. The league does a great job at protecting its brand and boots out players that violate their code of conduct. Gordon will most likely find himself playing again next season. He is too great a talent to not be employed by some desperate team, but one puff of smoke and he is back to watching the games at home.

Joe Reyes



Le’s Moron-ables

It’s amazing of how dump most NFL players are these days. Both Steelers running backs, Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount, were arrested last night for marijuana possession…..really don’t know where to go with this. After seeing how Josh Gordon is going to be suspended for the entire season, wouldn’t NFL players make sure they have their addictions in check? Maybe not carry it around on you? No, because that would make too much sense.

I actually believed in the Steelers running game this season. The addition of Blount gave them a speedy guy and a hard hitting guy. A very good one two punch on offense. There might be a suspension, which is the last thing this team needs. The Steelers are on a very steep decline and even the littlest suspension could set the team back a few games.

The Steelers need a fully staffed roster in order to compete in their division. Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount might have just cost the team a playoff berth. It might sound silly, but when you don’t have your number 1 and number 2 running backs, it gets hard to run the football. This causes Big Ben to throw more passes and with the departure of Sanders to Denver, there aren’t many players ready to make the big play.

Joe Reyes