Mr. Fantastic

Well….I guess you had to make him. Otherwise it would be called the Fantastic 3 and that wouldn’t make any sense. He is useless across the board. Since he’s made of rubber he takes a little damage when he is hit, but not enough that he will have the people stocking up Command Points to get him.

There are so many better and cheaper characters you can get over him. Unless you want to get everyone, I don’t see a point in getting him.

Joe Reyes



The Thing

Much like Colossus, the Thing has a high defense and can trade blows with the toughest of enemies. He doesn’t Bleed or take any other negative Perks like that. He is a few more Command Points than Colossus, but I really don’t see why.

He’s a good pick up. No pun intended he’s a very solid character. He can Protect and take all the blows and still end up fighting. He does have a high critical hit and it comes down to preference of who you’d rather have. Personally, I think Colossus is cooler, but it’s very close to dead even.

Joe Reyes



Time and time again this game creates cool characters and makes them totally useless. Gambit has nothing redeeming about him. I don’t even know what to write about him. He’s an Infiltrator that’s it. There are a ton of better Infiltrators out there a lot better than him.

I don’t see a point in taking him. He doesn’t do anything of value. His attacks are weak and are mostly the same. Don’t get him. Save your Command Points and buy someone better.

Joe Reyes

The Punisher

                Very cool character to use. He constantly adapts to the class that’s most beneficial for you. With ever turn you gain new attacks that are vastly different from each other. The problem is you have to win a lot of Player vs. Player matches to get him.

                It would’ve been so much better to just shell out 90 Command Points and buy him. He is worth the effort. He is a couple different characters combined because he changes every turn. He is very worth getting.

Joe Reyes



This is what the Hulk should be. Hercules is beyond powerful and deals out outrageous amounts of damage in a single strike. Well worth the 90 Command Points it takes to recruit him. He uses Protect, which lets hit get hit instead of your allies.

With each attack he gets stronger and deals out more damage. He will start off as your strongest character, so imagine how powerful he can get if you keep on using him.

Joe Reyes



Very powerful character. She doesn’t do much for the team, but her attacks do enough to want to recruit her. She starts off strong and gets stronger with every level up. I would defiantly pick her up. When she gets to level 9 she can do an attack that can kill all the enemies in one strike.

Her best and only Perk is when an ally dies; it comes back with 25% health. That is a huge Perk but her only Perk that’s worth picking her up for. Again, I would pick her up and she doesn’t cost a lot of Command Points to get.

Joe Reyes



It’s really strange, he has all these Perks yet none of them really amount to anything. They boost the stats a little, but not enough that I’m blown away with him. He’s just a really odd character to use and I’m confused of why they even made him to begin with.

His attacks don’t do much. They all do something, but not a great deal of something. Some may increase attack by a little, some may stun, but they don’t do enough to control a match. Not worth it, especially for 90 Command Points.

Joe Reyes