Looper Review

It’s rare for a movie in this day and age to have such an original concept. Looper delivers as an action hit and also delivers as a personal story. The concept is simple, yet complex. In the future, the Mafia sends the targets that are to be killed through time, where a Mafia member is waiting for them in the past to kill and dispose of the body.

The people in the past are called Loopers. Joseph Gordon Levitt plays Joe, a Looper junkie just looking for a way to end this. The way your get out of being a Looper is to kill yourself. Not yourself in the present, yourself in the future. When the Mafia ends your contract with them, they send you, 30 years in the future to you in the past for you to kill yourself.

Each kill gives the Looper silver bricks, which is rare in the present time. When you kill yourself you get gold bricks. So Joe is just waiting and hoping to eventually kill himself. The Looper waits at a location and when at a certain time, a person appears with a bag on their head. The Looper simply shoots the person, takes the payment, and disposes the body.

Now to where the story gets intense for Joe. What happens when yourself appears before you and escapes? And what if yourself in the future wants revenge and wants to kill the Mafia? This is problematic for Joe for a number of reasons. 1 beings since he failed the Mafia will come looking for past Joe to get future Joe. If Current Joe is killed than Future Joe is killed. That’s how the rules of this movie works.

2 Joe has to stop his future self from destroying the Mafia that he’s in now. Also Future Joe has another agenda. He has to kill a child, who 30 years from now is the head of the Mafia. There are 3 possible children that are his targets and Future Joe decides to kill them all just in case.

As he’s running away from the Mafia, Current Joe finds a woman on a farm and her child. Who (spoiler) is one of the kids Future Joe has to kill. So with the Mafia and Future Joe coming after this child and himself Joe has to defend the family and for all intents and purposes, his future.

A 5/5 and a must see movie.

Joe Reyes